Google Announces Android 13 Go Edition For Low-End Smartphones

Posted on October 20, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Mobile, Android with 1 Comment

Google announced yesterday the release of Android 13 Go Edition, the latest version of Android for low-end devices. This update brings Google’s new Material You UI, as well as a couple of key Android 13 features on Android Go devices.

Material You is the new design language for Android that Google announced at its I/O conference last year. On Android 13 Go, the new UI will allow users to choose a color scheme that will match their wallpaper across the OS. In addition to dynamic coloring, Android 13 Go also brings Notification Permissions and App Language Preferences support, and a Discover feature that surfaces curated articles when swiping right on the home screen.

Android 13 Go also enables Google Play System Updates, which will allow the OS to receive critical software updates outside of major Android releases that often depend on phone manufacturers. Low-end Android devices often don’t receive as much software as support as premium devices, so this should be a positive change.

“Our goal with this release is to support more possibilities for the millions of current and future owners of an Android Go device, Google said in the announcement. The company announced that there are now 250 million monthly active devices powered by Android Go, with “nearly 180 million people coming online in the last twelve months alone.”

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