Thurrott Daily: February 13

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Thurrott Daily: February 13

A few tidbits from around the web.

2/13/2016 11:05:47 AM

Reminder: BLU Win HD LTE and BLU Win Jr are on sale today

And to answer your first question: Yes, they are upgradable to Windows 10 Mobile, at least according to BLU. (I asked.) Here are the deals:

Microsoft Health starts a “Friday workout” series

Attention Microsoft Band users: The Microsoft Health blog is starting a Friday Guided Workout series.

Let’s end your week with a great workout. Starting today, we will be sharing custom workouts with you each Friday that we built just for you (click here to learn how to build your own).

It is circuit time! Are you up for a ten-round circuit to get your weekend started? Check out these 300- and 500-rep workouts.

Friday 300: Five exercises that target all the major muscle groups. Do six repetitions apiece, and repeat for ten rounds.

If that isn’t enough for you, try the Friday 500 instead.

Friday 500: The same five exercises, but you’re going for ten repetitions each that you then repeat for ten rounds.

Check out this great concert recording, made with Lumia 950

Microsoft pointed me to a Metallic concert recording that was made with a Lumia 950. I’m not surprised by the 4K video and audio quality, but if you still doubt this device’s camera prowess, check this one out.

With iPad sales in freefall, Apple to try new strategy

Apple’s wannabe “game changer” has seen falling sales for 8 straight quarters now—yes, two straight years—and the iPad Pro did nothing to reverse this trend, so the firm is reportedly going to change strategies. Again. That’s according to Mark Gurman:

Launching new iPhone and iPad models so soon after introduction and not offering pre-orders would be a new strategy for Apple. Apple typically releases new iPhone models one or two weeks following the introduction events and an online pre-order period. A similar strategy has been followed for many new iPad releases, but the iPad Pro hardware actually went on sale over two months following the device’s initial introduction.

The iPad Air 3 is said to include a Smart Connector and support for Apple-branded accessories, which could mean that updated Smart Keyboards and Apple Pencil support for the 9.7-inch device are in the pipeline. The new iPad is also expected to include a variant of the A9 processor, an upgraded camera system, and potentially a rear flash for brighter photos.

Practice makes perfect. Apple will figure this out.

Now Apple is recalling new MacBook USB-C charging cables

While a previous Apple power cord replacement was mostly about older Macs, this one impacts Apple’s newest Mac, the 2015 MacBook.

A limited number of Apple USB-C charge cables that were included with MacBook computers through June 2015 may fail due to a design issue. As a result, your MacBook may not charge or only charge intermittently when it’s connected to a power adapter with an affected cable.

Apple will provide a new, redesigned USB-C charge cable, free of charge, to all eligible customers. This program also covers Apple USB-C charge cables that were sold as a standalone accessory.

It’s interesting to me how problematic USB-C cables are. As I noted earlier, a Google engineer has been on a one-man crusade to point out improperly made USB-C cables, which in extreme cases can fry your phone, tablet or PC.


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