Thurrott Daily: March 15

Thurrott Daily: March 15
I’m trying to figure out when the next Insider build will hit.

3/15/2016 2:12:26 PM

A few tidbits from around the web.

Excel 2016’s Power Pivot picks up new features

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Microsoft announces:

We are pleased to announce new feature updates to Power Pivot for Excel 2016 as part of your Office 365 subscription. These updates include the ability to save a relationship diagram view as a picture and enhancements to the relationship dialog experience. We also fixed a number of important bugs to improve your overall modeling user experience.

For a full list in this customer update, visit Power Pivot and the Analysis Services Engine in Excel 2016 fixes.

Actually, Windows Store still accepts Bitcoin

Just kidding! Yesterday, Microsoft reported that it was killing off Bitcoin support in Windows Store. Today, they report that’s all a joke, via this quote:

“We continue to support Bitcoin for adding money to your Microsoft Account which can be used for purchasing content in the Windows and Xbox stores. We apologize for inaccurate information that was inadvertently posted to a Microsoft site, which is currently being corrected.”

Opera refreshes browser for Windows 10

Opera announced today that its flagship web browser has been updated for Windows 10.

The UI has changed even more on Windows 10. Opera now blends with the system, changing colors across the application to match its style. You can now control whether you want to keep the Opera colors or get a new system look by going to Settings.

Opera now adapts to your input method and makes life easier for those of you using touch. With touch input, it will automatically increase the size of toolbar items and all context menus, plus it will give you a new icon for the fullscreen move, exactly like modern apps do.

We’ve also added some cool-looking graphics to make our style blend better with the native style of Windows 10.

Unlike other browsers, we try to keep Opera’s UI as close to the platform as possible.

Unlike Firefox, we offer Windows 10 users native notifications, touch-mode support, the fullscreen icon and bigger context menus for touchscreens, as well as an option to switch to system colors.

Unlike Edge, Opera allows you to enhance and customize your browsing experience through extensions, including sidebar and speed dial extensions. To handle many extensions using toolbar icons in Opera 36 we’ve added an expander.

Plus, we also have animated themes that look just great on Windows 10.

Well then.

Stardock releases WindowBlinds 10

Neowin discusses the new release of WindowBlinds 10:

WindowBlinds 10 has full Windows 10 compatibility, a collection of new desktop skins like “Ice”, “Eva”, and “The Captain”, and a new User Interface. “We do our best to keep up with new operating systems as they become available,” said Angela Marshall, Stardock COO and Vice President of Software. “We know our customers have been waiting for our products to integrate with Windows 10, and we are happy to do that with WindowBlinds while we continue to do the same for our other applications.”

WindowBlinds joins the lineup of great desktop customization enhancements available through Stardock’s comprehensive Object Desktop product, where consumers can gain access to all of the company’s award-winning software like Start10, Fences, Mutliplicity and DeskScapes.

WindowBlinds 10 adds support for Microsoft Windows 10, is available to download now for $9.99, and those who own a previous version can upgrade for just $4.99.

You can find out more at the WindowBlinds web site.

A reversible microUSB cable can bring you back to the future

Missing out on the coolest feature of USB 3.0 with your antiquated microUSB-based phone? Well no worries: The Indiegogo MicFlip is billed as the world’s first reversible microUSB.

As the first product of its kind the MicFlip USB cable offers mobile users a whole new level of functionality. Thanks to the intelligent design smartphone owners can now connect their next generation devices in any direction.Rather than risk damaging components by accidently forcing standard micro USB plugs in the wrong direction, the MicFlip can be seamlessly inserted at any angle. For smartphone owners wanting to maximize charge time and efficiency it’s a must have accessory. With this flexibility comes complete convenience and significant time saving benefits – just plug and go. There is no hassle and no frustration when ports don’t match and no need to spend hours searching for specific connectors. The MicFlip makes connection seamless.

Looks interesting.


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