Office Lens Updated on Android, iPhone

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Office Lens Updated on Android, iPhone

Today, Microsoft announced updates to its Office Lens mobile app on both Android and iPhone. The Android version is getting a business card mode while the iPhone version is picking up Office 365 (commercial and school) integration. And as an added bonus, OneNote Clipper is getting Office 365 commercial and school support too.

Here’s what’s new.

Office Lens for Android

With this update, Office Lens for Android now sports a business card mode, just like the app on Windows phones and iPhone. You can use this mode to quickly convert business card information into digital contacts in mobile address books.

Microsoft says this functionality works best with English, German and Spanish business cards, but it is adding support for more languages soon.

Office Lens for iPhone

While Office Lens previously supported Office 365 Home and Personal accounts, the new version adds support for Office 365 commercial and school accounts. This means you can now save documents to OneNote, Word and PowerPoint or as an image or PDF file in OneDrive for Business.

You can then easily share your documents with colleagues or students in the secure and reliable Office 365 environment, Microsoft notes. And the app lets users protect their data in OneDrive for Business, “ensuring the same high level of security and compliance provided for all enterprise data in Office 365.”

Office Clipper

Starting today, you can use OneNote Clipper with work and school Office 365 accounts too. The utility lets you capture any web page to OneNote, where you can then edit, annotate or share it. (Capture has two choices: a full page or selection as an image or the text and images only). You can add OneNote Clipper to any web browser for free.


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