Thurrott Daily: August 11

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Thurrott Daily: August 11

This squirrel gave his life so I could be offline for over three hours yesterday.

Tech tidbits from around the web.

8/11/2016 10:34:16 AM

Note: I would have published some of this yesterday, but in a weird bit of timing, I signed off from the Windows Weekly podcast and the house—and, as it turns out, the neighborhood—lost power at that exact moment. Our power ended up being out for over three hours, too. The culprit? A squirrel. Shown above. 🙂 –Paul

Quantum Break is heading to Steam

In what is clearly a “[email protected]#k you” to Tim Sweeney, Microsoft announced this week that its hit game title, Quantum Break, is coming to the rival Steam network. Oh, not just that. It’s coming in a Special Edition just for Steam.

Microsoft Studios and Remedy Entertainment are happy to announce that they are bringing their hit action game Quantum Break to even more Windows PC gamers on September 14 with the retail release of Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Editionand the digital release of Quantum Break for Steam.

Currently available for purchase in the Windows Store and Xbox Store, Quantum Break will be made available to more gamers across a number of operating systems when it hits Steam next month. This digital download will include all of the latest updates, a list of which can be found on the game’s official site.

Sway for Windows 10 is updated

Microsoft updated Sway for Windows 10 this week. Here’s what’s new:

  • My Sways. We’ve redesigned the My Sways page to make it easier to find your Sways and view featured Sways.
  • Maximize Storyline. You can now hide the Preview pane for a more focused editing experience.
  • Accessibility Support. We’ve made several improvements including better screen reader, high contrast, and keyboard support. We’ve also added an accessibility checker that flags alt text and hyperlink issues, and makes it easy for you to fix them immediately.
  • Miscellaneous. We’ve fixed several bugs in this release.

OneDrive for Android is updated

OneDrive for Android was updated this week. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved sharing. Send that favorite pet photo to your friends or that TPS report to your manager faster with our new improved sharing sheet.
  • Improved photo scrolling. We’ve heard your feedback and are improving our scroller in Photos! Stay tuned for more.
  • UI improvements. Keep your eye out for some tweaks in our app’s look and feel and stay tuned for more awesome changes in our design to help you be more productive.

Groove for iPhone updated

I just noticed this morning that Groove for iPhone was updated too. New is this release:

  • Detail artist information while offline. Detailed information about an artist will now be visible when the device is offline.
  • Improved album downloads. After uploading an album to OneDrive and then downloading one track to Groove, the rest of that album’s tracks will now download to Groove from OneDrive without a usage rights error.
  • Bug fixes. Fixed two issues that would cause Groove to crash when browsing in different places in the app.

Office for Android Insider build 16.0.7301.1002

Microsoft announces new builds of Word, PowerPoint and Excel Mobile for Android users on the Office Insider for Android program.

We are pleased to announce the beta release of our latest update (16.0.7301.1002) for Word, PowerPoint & Excel apps. We want to thank you for all the great ideas and feedback you’ve shared to help improve our products. Please keep them coming.

Here’s what’s new:

– Collaboration – front and center: Quickly share your document, and see who’s working on it. – Shared with me: Find and open files others have recently shared with you.

– Collaboration – front and center: Quickly share your document, and see who’s working on it. – Shared with me: Find and open files others have recently shared with you. – Improved copy and paste: Move content between Office applications. We’ll make sure it looks great.

– Collaboration – front and center: Quickly share your document, and see who’s working on it. – Shared with me: Find and open files others have recently shared with you. – Fresh new look: A better experience for reading presentations on your phone. Drag and drop to reorder slides and double-tap to edit. – Find: Use the Find icon on the ribbon to search for any text in your presentation.

Xamarin iOS Simulator for Visual Studio is updated

Neowin notes that the Xamarin iOS Simulator for Visual Studio has been updated.

This week, Microsoft released a new preview build of the iOS Simulator for Xamarin on Visual Studio.

OK, so not a lot in the way of original reporting. 🙂 But here’s what’s new:

Support for stylus translating to pencil input has been added

A dialog is shown when sim starts and include an update status

Fixed an issue preventing the simulator from starting using usernames with spaces in them


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