Thurrott Daily: December 26

Posted on December 26, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile with 21 Comments

Thurrott Daily: December 26

Things I will never need again, part 127

A special “all quips” version of Thurrott Daily. Because the holidays.

12/26/2016 3:12:54 PM

Note: Something tells me that this will be a slow week, full of end-of-year retrospectives and not much else. On that note, here are some headline riffs instead of the usual blurbs. Lazy? Perhaps.

“Microsoft Receives Overweight Rating from Morgan Stanley”

Two words. “Low carb.”

“New MacBook Pro not recommended by Consumer Reports”

Two things.

1. LOL

2. And not for any of the reasons I outline here. Amazing.

“How To Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows XP”

The crucial issue of our age.

“Microsoft Wants Its Next Windows Phone to Invent a New Category”

A phone that can’t make phone calls?

“Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 coming soon to Europe”

Definitely the only thing that was holding it back.

“The New Official Lumia Support App for Windows Phone Is Available for Download”

I assume it provides emotional support.

“Did Microsoft just hint the Surface Phone will launch at MWC 2017?”

No, they did not.

“Spotify For Mac Brings Touch Bar Support For The New MacBook Pro”

Finally, a reason to spend that $2800.

“This father built his son an Apple II out of gingerbread”

Does it work? No? Then your website is absurd.

“The Company That Was Supposed to Be a Google-Killer Has Called It Quits”

I’m surprised Apple just gave up like that.

“Apple removes products from store amid patent war with Nokia”

If Nokia gets its way, that product will be “iPhone.”

“17 Hidden Apple TV Features You Should Know”

A product like Apple TV should have zero hidden features.

“Why Apple Is the Most Perfect Investment for 2017”

Not for the grammar, apparently.

“CyanogenMod is why I exist today”

Your parents will be so happy to hear that.

“You just got a new Windows phone! Here’s how to get started”

Step 1: Return/exchange it immediately.

“Growing number of Pixel owners are experiencing a wide range of issues”

Could you be more specific?

“5 tips for getting the most out of your fitness tracker”

1. Get off of your ass so it has something to track.

“Uber replaces “where to?” with “who to?””

I see no issue with them constantly changing the UI.

“Use Your Chromebook To Enable Google Play Music Yule Log”

Yes, that’s pretty much what it’s good for.


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