Moto X4 is Coming to Android One and Project Fi

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 21 Comments

Moto X4 is Coming to Android One and Project Fi

As rumored, Motorola’s upcoming Moto X4 smartphone will be offered in an Android One configuration via Google’s Project Fi service.

“Many of you have asked us for more options for high-quality, affordable devices that work with Project Fi,” the Google Project Fi blog reveals. “We’ve heard you and we’re excited to launch our newest phone for Project Fi: The Android One Moto X4.”

As you may recall, Google recently reimagined its Android One family of offerings by turning it into a Signature PC-like program for pure Android phones made by third parties. The Moto X4, which is already offered in non-Android One configurations internationally, will be the first non-Google handset offered on Project Fi. And it will be the first Android One handset offered in the United States.

And it looks like a great phone: The Moto X4 packs a high-end, octa-core Snapdragon 630 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of (expandable) internal storage, and a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display. But what has me the most interested is its dual camera system: The X4 offers a 12 MP Dual Autofocus Pixel sensor (f2.0, 1.4um) and an 8 MP ultra-wide angle sensor with a 120-degree field of view (f2.2, 1.12um). So if this camera is any good, I could have a new option for my next smartphone. (The Pixel 2 XL may simply be too expensive.)

What the X4 lacks, of course, is a modern bezel-less and wide-aspect ratio design; this thing still has healthy forehead and chin areas. I will be OK with that … but only if the camera is superior.

(But even if this doesn’t pan out, it looks like Project Fi is going to open up to more and more third-party handsets in the future. Today, it works only with Nexus 6, 5X, and Pixel/Pixel XL.)

“The launch of Android One Moto X4 on Project Fi is the next step in our commitment to work with more partners and expand Android One to new places,” Google says.

The Android One Moto x4 is priced at $399, which is great. It comes in Super Black and Sterling Blue colors, and is available only in the U.S. on Project Fi. You can pre-order starting today. In an interesting move, Google is also allowing upgrades from older Nexus phones via a new trade-in program that will give you up to $165 for select Nexus devices. And if you start your trade-in by October 5, you’ll get an extra $50 Fi credit.

Sounds good to me. I just need to know how well the camera works.


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Comments (21)

21 responses to “Moto X4 is Coming to Android One and Project Fi”

  1. rob4jen

    Paul, I don't know if you've used the fingerprint-sensor gestures on the modern Motorola phones, but it is amazing. Swipe left for back, press for home, right for task switcher. Gives you back 100% of the screen real estate without having to fuss with ugly buttons. Really feels modern and intuitive.

    Add the other Moto customizations (not sure if they'll be on X4) like camera twist and flashlight chop and it is really hard to go back to using a non-Moto phone for me.

  2. wocowboy

    Paul is just fine with the HUGE top and bottom bezels on this device, but I remember many articless where there has been automatic derision for Apple and the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and now 8 for their "old-fashioned and outdated design" that includes the very same type of bezels. The Pixel phones are a glaring example of bezels just for the sake of bezels, as they serve no visible or useful function. The Pixel doesn't have a fingerprint button on the front, and yet there is a giant bezel at the bottom for no apparent reason. At least this Motorola phone uses the space for a fingerprint reader.

    Google needs to allow more new devices onto its Fi service. It is a great service but their list of acceptable phones now consists of models from many years ago.

  3. QuantumC0mputer

    Paul the OnePlus 5 camera has improved dramatically with all the updates. I just pulled the trigger on one myself and am awaiting its shipment. Previous phone was a Nexus 6P so I was pretty picky about camera. That would put it at only $79 more than the Moto X4 with high end specs reserved for $700 phones. However no Google project Fi...... Maybe you could do a revisit review?

  4. MTrimmer

    Paul, I wouldn't hold my breath for a superior camera experience from Moto. They have consistently been overpromise and underdeliver on cameras. Everything I've heard about this phone says it is more of the same.

  5. slbailey1

    Will I be able to get an unlocked or locked Moto X4 on Verizon! I like to get one to replace my Moto X (gen 1), it is slowly dying.

  6. Harrymyhre

    the 5.2" screen is a showstopper for me.

    I need a 5.5" screen.

  7. MikeCerm

    You should consider dropping Google Fi. It's no cheaper/better than plain-old T-Mobile. T-Mobile does international data and texting and stuff, probably just as good as what Fi offers and you don't have to limit yourself to the tiny selection of phones. Sure, Fi lets you roam on the Sprint network, but I doubt there's a single place you would ever go where Sprint has coverage and T-Mobile doesn't. If you were able to roam on AT&T or Verizon it might be worth something, but roaming on the worst network by far isn't really a selling point.

    • Nicholas Kathrein

      In reply to MikeCerm:

      Actually it lets you roam on T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. Why is this better? U.S Cellular is in rual areas where most of the big three don't have good coverage. You can't loose with project fi. It''s better than T-Mobile. It just is.

      • MikeCerm

        In reply to Nicholas_Kathrein:

        I see all the same holes on the US Cellular coverage maps that T-Mobile and Sprint have. Not that it really matters, because most people don't go to those places. T-Mobile has other perks that Fi doesn't have, like unlimited music and video streaming. If you don't use any data, Fi can be quite cheap. At $10/GB, if you use more than 2GB/month, Fi is not a particularly good deal. If you don't travel abroad regularly, and you live in an area where T-Mobile has good coverage, T-Mobile is a much better deal than Fi (unless you really don't use any mobile data).

        • ChesterChihuahua

          In reply to MikeCerm:

          Google Fi: $20 + $10/GB. For 3GB/month, that's $50. T-Mobile is $70, much more expensive.

          I only use 0.5GB/month, so Google Fi only costs me $25 ($30 once you add taxes + other fees). T-Mobile would cost me $80 including taxes etc. The difference is huge. Google Fi is an incredible bargain.

    • MTrimmer

      In reply to MikeCerm:

      For International travel, Fi beats T-Mobile. Fi gives you LTE speed at no extra charge in 130 countries. Agree on the current limited selection of phones for Fi, but hopefully this release is the start of a broader selection than just Pixels and Nexus phones.

  8. MikeCerm

    Snapdragon 630 is not a high-end processor. It's the mid-range successor to the 625. It's about half the performance of the 820/835. Not that it's total junk or anything, but it's in the same class that you'd find in the $200 Moto G5, just clocked slightly higher.

    Honestly, this phone makes no sense. It's basically a slightly nicer Moto G5, but they're also making a Moto G5S that's also a slightly nicer G5. Same screen, same camera... I guess the difference is the glass back?

  9. ommoran

    I'm wondering what is taking Google so long to role Project Fi out to non-US regions, and selfishly to Canada. Our market is sorely in need of a company like Google that will break the carrier oligopoly we have here. I shouldn't pay $80 per month and have to worry about hitting a data cap, even if mine is currently 4GB. I know there is no such thing as true unlimited in the US contracts by and large, but they are at least better than 4GB.

  10. mropret

    Played with it at IFA and it really looks promising. But the Snapdragon 630 isn't a high-end SoC, it's a mid-range one.

  11. Bats

    Finally. A phone Paul can afford!

  12. dbonds

    Realizing this is likely "hot off the presses", I hope nothing has changed as both of the links to the Fi site regarding the preorder and upgrade program are currently returning Error 404. :-(

  13. Chris_Kez

    Unfortunately details of the trade-in program are not live yet. I'm very curious to see what they offer since this Moto X4 isn't necessarily a big upgrade over the 6P, the 5X or the Nexus 6. It's definitely an improvement over the Nexus 5 but that phone is now almost four years old. OTOH, tell me I can trade in my 5X for $200 off a Pixel 2 and we can have a conversation ;)

  14. cpw1959

    Paul, I would seriously rethink anything to do with Motorola Guarantees, this is the company who were refusing to give updates to Android Oreo On reasonably new phones until pressure from consumers and getting caught out with an Advertisement that promised said update.

    The customer service From Moto/Lenovo has gone down the toilet in the last few months as well,with an over reliance on upaid "Shills" giving advice on the customer forums.

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