SwiftKey for Android Gets a Redesign, New Themes

Posted on October 2, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 7 Comments

SwiftKey for Android Gets a Redesign, New Themes

Microsoft today announced a major update to SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, which provides a new look and feel and three new default themes.

Here’s what’s new.

SwiftKey Hub redesign. The Hub is where you access all of your SwiftKey settings and options, and it’s accessible via the menu key on the keyboard.

New themes. There are three new default themes: light, dark and high contrast.

New emoji. SwiftKey now supports “the latest emoji,” so if that’s your thing, you’re all set.

New languages. SwiftKey now supports six new language models, too: Arabic (Levant), Garifuna, Mongolian (Traditional), Sassarese, Tigrinya, and Zazaki, bringing the total count to over 200.

You can find SwiftKey for Android—it’s free—on the Google Play Store.


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Comments (7)

7 responses to “SwiftKey for Android Gets a Redesign, New Themes”

  1. PLeX

    When, if ever, is Android going to get the Word Flow keyboard? I was hoping that SwiftKey would get Word Flow swiping and word prediction, but it still isn't close to Word Flow's accuracy. The closest swiping to Word Flow on Android is Google's Gboard right now.

    • mjw149

      In reply to PLeX:

      According to the internet, Word Flow was an experiment that ended. So, I guess never is the answer? I have to think that Google's more popular default keyboard, with the same features, is the reason why. Though I'm often frustrated by the way it accepts every mis-correction as a new word.

    • Usman

      In reply to PLeX:

      Word flow on mobile has been killed and swift key is their mobile keyboard play.

      Word flow still exists in the Windows 10 client

  2. M. S. Chan

    I stopped using Swiftkey a few years ago as it was draining my phone's battery like crazy.

  3. JohnPC

    Can't/won't use it - accuracy is horrible. Word Flow was massively better, so naturally MS killed it...

  4. FaustXD9

    I am going to try it again, one issue I continue to have with this keyboard is its handling of voice input. I wish it was more like the Google keyboard in having a dedicated key for voice.

  5. Maxpayne

    I don’t really make use of SwiftKey keyboard as I don’t seem it to be appealing than the google keyboard. Most of the features SwiftKey used to have before is now incorporated with the Google keyboard. And I believe they are much advanced than SwiftKey these days.

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