Samsung is Bringing Linux Desktop to DeX … What About Windows?

Posted on October 19, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 114 Comments

Samsung is Bringing Linux Desktop to DeX

Samsung announced today that it is bringing a Linux desktop environment to its Continuum-like DeX docking solution for the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8.

“Although it’s in trial phase, Linux on Galaxy is our innovative solution to bring the Linux experience on PC to mobile, and then further onto a larger display with Samsung DeX,” an uncredited Samsung blog post reads. “Now developers can code using their mobile on-the-go and seamlessly continue the task on a larger display with Samsung DeX.”

So that rationale for bringing Linux to DeX doesn’t ring true to me: The market of potential customers who are both Linux developers and Samsung enthusiasts must be very small. And that leads me to speculate that this move is, in fact, about something much bigger. Something that starts with “W” and ends in “indows.” Think about it: Windows Mobile has failed. What if Windows 10 (on ARM) came to Galaxy DeX?

So that is interesting. But let’s focus for now on what Samsung is actually doing. Which is … bringing Linux to DeX. For some reason.

If I had to guess—and I do—the issue is that the native DeX environment is semi-useless because it just lets you stretch standard Android apps out to bigger sizes, and interact with them using a keyboard and mouse on a PC display. There’s just not a lot going on there.

So Linux is coming soon? And … Windows? I bet it happens.


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