OnePlus 5T Launch Set for Next Week

Posted on November 6, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 16 Comments

OnePlus will launch its next “flagship killer,” the OnePlus 5T, on Thursday, November 16. The device is expected to be available a few days later, on November 21.

So, just in time for Thanksgiving.

OnePlus has been teasing the new device for weeks, and it is expected to feature a tall, nearly edge-to-edge 6-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, similar to today’s other flagship smartphones. It’s supposed to start at about $600, however, which is about $250 less than other flagships.

Today, however, the company finally made the launch schedule official via its Twitter account and on the OnePlus website.

Despite several outreaches to OnePlus in the recent past, I’ve not been invited to the November 16 launch event, which will be held in Brooklyn, New York. But anyone has the chance to go if you don’t mind a lottery and then paying $40 for a ticket; a sign-up will be available soon. But there’s a contest for a free trip. And you’ll be able to watch the launch event virtually too, of course.

I am very interested in this device, and can’t wait to see how this goes.


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Comments (16)

16 responses to “OnePlus 5T Launch Set for Next Week”

  1. ben55124

    The OP3 has been solid for me. Hopefully the 5T will solve the OP5 mixed reviews -- camera, jelly scrolling. The camera will probably be too midrange for Paul. I wish they would have skipped the dual camera fad and focus on one really good primary camera like Pixel.

    • Nic

      In reply to ben55124:

      I've been okay with the OP5 camera, it was better than my old Moto X Pure, and I guess I was one of the lucky ones that did not get the jelly scrolling issue (I guess the screen went on the right way on mine).

      I'd be most concerned about the loss of the fingerprint reader on the front. I was suspect about it at first, but since having it on the device I cannot believe that I had gone for so long without it.

  2. MachineGunJohn

    Regarding "18:9 aspect ratio" what kind of marketing fools find this better than 2:1? The kind that like treating their target audience like they're stupid.

  3. Campbell

    I've been waiting on this phone coming out for a while - though i'm seeing good things about the U11+. Just hope they keep the price reasonable. Moving from Iphone to Android, so i'm being really picky with my next device.

  4. innitrichie

    I'm thrilled to be witnessing the launch of the OnePlus 5T. I am assured it will kill the iPhone X stone dead. I'm excited.

  5. CaedenV

    I am not sure how to read this.

    On the one hand; great job with the fast turnaround. This means that this fairly small company was designing 2 phones at the same time, which is no small task!

    But on the other hand; the 3 and 3t were essentially the same phone with minor updates, and going from that design to the 5 took what felt like forever. And now the 5t is coming out and it is nothing like the 5... why not the 6? And why not wait a little longer after the release of the 5? Kinda akward and confusing.

    Still; I purchased a used 3 last year when I had to quickly find a cheap but usable phone and I love it. I'll be buying a 'real' phone again next year, and I will certainly be looking at a 5t. Looks like it will be a good little device.

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to CaedenV:

      Just to clarify, I believe OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo (or at least it was), which is itself part of the larger BBK Electronics group; ultimately BBK owns both OnePlus and Oppo. The OnePlus 5 used design of the Oppo R11, and the new 5T will likely borrow the Oppo R11S design.

      The reason not to wait would be if you're ready to buy a phone this month vs. six or eight or twelve months from now; something new and better is always coming down the pike.

  6. chaad_losan

    I'm officially sick of the parade of "Flagship Killer" phones. It's really getting old. Everyone trying to one up the competition with this or that "unique" feature.

  7. jcalamita

    very interested to see if the 20 megapixel camera improves on the 5's camera. If it does, will be my microsoft'd android phone.

  8. Stooks

    The iPhone X is the flagship target. This device is not the killer of iPhone x

  9. Albatross

    I bought the OP5 on launch day and have been delighted with it. I still don't know what the fuss is about jelly scrolling, and I've never noticed anything unusual related to scrolling. The camera is good to very good but not great, hopefully that is fixed with the 5T to make the perfect device.

  10. RoHo

    It keeps the 3.5 mm audio port--+1

    price leak, $479!!!!!!!!!!!!

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