Hands-On with Google AR Stickers

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 8 Comments

Hands-On with Google AR Stickers

Back in October, Google announced that it would bring AR stickers to its Pixel smartphones. Well, that experience is now available. And it is pretty fricking impressive.

I’m using AR stickers on my Pixel 2 XL, but I believe this will work with any Pixel, including the 2016-era Pixel and Pixel XL. Basically, you will find updated versions of the ARCore and AR Stickers apps in the Google Play Store. And when those are installed, you will find a new AR Stickers item in the camera app’s menu.

And I gotta tell you. This is damned impressive.

Playing with a few of the newly-available Star Wars characters, I dragged augmented reality (AR) objects—or what Microsoft would call “holograms” into the viewfinder and then positioned and sized them for the space.

The effect is impressive, both for photos and videos. But particularly for videos, where you can actually “walk around” these holograms in real space. Check out this Stormtrooper video as an obvious example. Yes, he says “move along” when I get in his face.

There are other stickers. Or objects. Or holograms, whatever, in the app, including some from the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” Plus some food items, the letter A (and only the letter A, no idea why), and more.

Good stuff.


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