Grammarly Keyboard for Android Picks Up New Customization Features

Posted on February 22, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, Android with 7 Comments

Grammarly Keyboard for Android Picks Up New Customization Features

Grammarly today updated its Android keyboard with some useful new customization features, further enhancing the value of this unique solution.

“People spend 42 percent of their time on their mobile devices, writing emails, text messages, Instagram posts, and more,” a Grammarly representative told me. “But composing a message can still be slow and inconvenient. So we released a Grammarly Android Keyboard update that addresses a few of our most popular feature requests.”

There are four primary changes in the latest update.

New dark theme. The new dark theme will be especially useful in low light conditions, Grammarly says.

Key borders. New key borders will help less skillful typists catch the right keys as they go.

Persistent number row. You can now display a number row on the keyboard at all times.

Resizable. You can now resize the keyboard to take up less space on your device display.

Grammarly says that it is working on other features, too, including a swipe input mode.

As you may recall, Grammarly first released its keyboard for Android and iOS back in late 2017. And I’ve been using it on my own phones ever since. (I also use and rely on Grammarly for Chrome on Windows, and recommend it highly.) As I noted at the time, you want to use Grammarly on your phone for the same reason you use it on your PC: It will help find spelling and grammar mistakes before you tap Enter and make a fool of yourself.

Grammarly for Android is free. You can download it from the Google Play Store.


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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Grammarly Keyboard for Android Picks Up New Customization Features”

  1. RM

    OK, a few months ago I begrudgingly switched to Android from Windows 10 Mobile. So, I tried everything Microsoft and the only Microsoft app to go so far was SwiftKey (too many annoying little things are wrong with it). Then I tried Grammarly and for a number of reasons including a number of them that appear to be added as features with this release and found it worse than SwiftKey. So, I have been using the better Samsung keyboard that came with my Galaxy S8+. Maybe after Grammarly gets caught up feature wise (they still need swipe) before I try it again!

  2. Rycott

    Until it has swipe input it's a non starter for me.

    But once it does I'll gladly check it out.

  3. Bdsrev

    Microsoft needs to acquire and roll this into SwiftKey ASAP

  4. Lewk

    I sincerely couldn't use android at all due to every single keyboard being a heaping, unusable mess. I tried them all, from gBoard, samsung, swift key, blackberry and other not so well known ones. Blackberry was the closest to actually being usable. But it too was flawed. Then grammarly brought out it's keyboard and I've used it ever since. It's leagues better than the rest. It's still no windows phone, which is just shy of perfection, but wow, the other keyboards aren't even competition. Seriously, this keyboard is great. And I couldn't care less about swipe or predictive text functionality.

  5. BeckoningEagle

    I tried it and works great. The only problem is that I constantly need to switch between English and Spanish and would rather have the keyboard detect the language like GBoard and Swift. I've had to go back to GBoard. Now If I could just get the period out of the side of the spacebar in all of the keyboard I would be very happy. Sometimes I write somting and it ends up looking like this: Hello.Everyone.Remember.To.Water.Your.Plants.Today

    Very frustrating.