OnePlus 6 Has Already Sold One Million Units

Posted on June 14, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 17 Comments

It will never challenge Apple’s iPhone, but the OnePlus 6 is already the firm’s fastest-selling handset. It has sold one million units in just three weeks.

“OnePlus 6 is our most successful product yet,” OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei tweeted today. “Thanks to our community for the overwhelming support. We’ll keep doing our best in making the best flagship phones.”

Separately, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told Business Insider that his firm had sold over one million OnePlus 6 handsets in its first 22 days of availability, a company record.

“We are definitely happy with these results and most important, that users like the new phone,” Lau said, noting that its previous two phones each required three months to hit the one million units milestone.

Granted, Apple sells more almost one million iPhones every single day: In its most recent quarter, that company posted sales of 77.3 million units sold.

But then that’s the biggest difference between OnePlus and Apple: The scale of their respective sales organizations. “We have fewer sales channels (mostly online), are available in [fewer] regions, and sell direct to consumers.”

OnePlus’ phones are further hampered in the United States by a lack of CDMI compatibility. So they won’t work on Verizon, the biggest carrier, or on Sprint.


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Comments (17)

17 responses to “OnePlus 6 Has Already Sold One Million Units”

  1. dcdevito

    I'm happy to see OnePlus succeed. As an owner of the OnePlus One, 3 and 5 I think they owe me some gratitude :)

    J/K they're good phones, just hard to give up the Pixel 2 XL's camera.

  2. Igor Engelen

    Alright, that's it. After about 2 stressful weeks of battery problems on my iPhone 6s plus, after the last ios update. Somehow related to 5G WiFi and still not fixed in the 2nd ios 11.4.1 beta I'm pulling the plug.

    My oneplus 6 is ordered. ?

  3. BBoileau

    This phone is great value and opens the possibility to buy outright. I researched it in my market (Ontario, Canada) and seriously considered it. Not having a memory card slot was the deal breaker for me. This feature drive my last decision 2 years ago and will continue to keep me away from certain phones. I have a lot of music and a keep it on a 200 Gig card. Lately, I have started using Google Play and it allows my collection in the cloud. This may change my future choices. I ended up with a plan contract on the LG ThinQ as it had a free TV with it and my monthly was not significantly different. It seems that in this market the plan fee with an unlocked phone still has a significant monthly carrier cost. I will be watching development on the One Plus and it may be my next phone.

  4. CaedenV

    Just imagine how many they would have sold if they didnt have a notch... *sigh* I'm not bitter. Just hoping this whole notch thing goes away before my OnePlus 3 dies.

  5. Brazbit

    One million? In 3 weeks? That sounds impressive. How does that measure up against a known point of reference that's not Apple or Samsung?

    OnePlus 6 weekly sales pace: ~333,333

    Nokia 2012 weekly sales pace: ~576,923

    So slightly faster than half the rate Nokia could sell Windows Phones in 2012.

    • ponsaelius

      In reply to Brazbit:

      Of course. Windowsphones were selling. Just not enough to make Microsoft look like a "player". There is no reason why Microsoft couldn't have a small business in mobile ticking over. Maybe an enthusiast brand. Something to build on later. Instead they took the nuclear option and flushed $7 billion away.

  6. Pbike908

    If it worked on Verizon, I would pick one up.

    • CaedenV

      In reply to Pbike908:

      It will work on VZW... just no LTE :( I guess that is important.

      One of the reasons I have always stuck with ATT... you can pick almost any phone in the world and have it work.

  7. Chris_Kez

    At this rate they'll pass Pixel before October. lol

  8. James Wilson

    Good for them. I don't like the camera (too saturated - but that's the fashion) and it's unlikely you'll get support once the OnePlus 7 comes out. For me - I bit the bullet and bought a second hand iPhone 6S Plus and am happy with that. I value privacy and app quality but others have other criteria.

    • melinau

      In reply to James_Wilson:

      Your comments about support are misplaced.

      • Saarek

        In reply to melinau:

        I suppose it depends on ones definition of support. It could be software support in terms of the number of software updates the device will receive in its lifetime, which for most android phones is a joke.

        It could refer to the support of the device in terms of technical support, which typically leaves you dealing with the carriers when it comes to Android devices, as opposed to being able to walk into an Apple Store etc.

    • compnovo

      In reply to James_Wilson:

      I think you made a good choice. I picked up the 6S Plus from Verizon right after the 7 came out, so I got a good deal and have been very happy with it since.

  9. simont

    I assume you mean CDMA instead of CDMI

  10. gcalli

    I'm waiting for Paul's in depth review - actually can't wait. Then I will order, although being in South Africa posses a problem