Google’s Data-Saving App Now Gives You Increased Control

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android with 4 Comments

Google’s data saving app on Android is getting a major update today. First introduced back in November of last year, the company’s Datally app can be used by users to limit data usage and ensure they don’t go over their allowance. The app is getting four new features today to give users increased control over their mobile data, and how the app limits their usage.

Datally now includes a new guest mode which will let you set the amount of data one can use when borrowing your phone. There’s also a new Daily Limit feature that lets you set a daily limit on mobile data, and get notified when you exceed the limit. This is pretty similar to the new digital health features coming with Android P, but it’s interesting how this app’s features aren’t directly integrated into the OS as of yet.

The new Datally also comes with a new feature that will list apps that are using your data in the background, without you actually opening the apps. This way, you can stop these apps from exploiting your data and uninstall with a single tap from within the app. Datally is also getting a new Wi-Fi Map feature that shows all the nearby Wi-Fi networks.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Google’s Data-Saving App Now Gives You Increased Control”

  1. Onaropus

    It's not really saving me any reality it's a data limiting app.

  2. jean

    from the company that wastes 233K of HTML code for 1 entry field and 1 button... with other words open 4 times and you are down 1MB of traffic already

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