Latest Android P Beta Takes Us Much Closer to the Final Release

Posted on July 2, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Android with 4 Comments

Google Releases Android P Beta 2

Google today released a new Android P beta. The company is today releasing beta 3 for developers, which brings us much closer to the final release of Android P.

In fact, Google’s Dave Burke said in a blog post that the latest beta takes us “very close to what you’ll see in the final version” of Android P. Although Burke didn’t list any specific new features being added in the latest beta, there are a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations included in the latest update. “Today’s preview update includes the Beta 3 system images for Pixel devices and the Android Emulator, as well as an update to the Android Studio build tools to include D8 as independent tool. Beta 3 is an early release candidate build of Android with near-final system behaviors and the official Android P APIs (API level 28),” Google noted.

Google has already finalized the new APIs for Android P, so developers can start building apps for Android P and even test them through Google Play. If you are an Android user looking to try out all the new Android P features, this may be a good time to try out the beta releases. Of course, there could be some minor bugs and rough edges, but that’s to be expected on a beta release.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Latest Android P Beta Takes Us Much Closer to the Final Release”

  1. Magicwin31

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I haven't found any of the Digital Wellness stuff in any of the betas I've had. Which is weird because I thought it was coming with P

  2. Nicholas Kathrein

    Can wait to get it. Not going to do the hard work so I'll just keep hitting the option if there is an update to the OS instead of manually flashing it.

  3. Arun kumar

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