OnePlus 6T to Have an In-Screen Fingerprint Reader

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 11 Comments

While iPhone and Pixel leaks have been all over the news in recent weeks, this one is perhaps even more interesting: OnePlus has confirmed that its next flagship, the OnePlus 6T, will have an in-screen fingerprint reader.

OnePlus calls this feature Screen Unlock.

“We unlock our phones multiple times a day, and Screen Unlock reduces the number of steps to complete the action,” OnePlus told CNET after rumors about the feature had leaked. “By adding this feature as an addition to other display unlocking options such as Face Unlock, users will have options to unlock the display in a way that is most efficient for them.”

Like many Android handset makers, OnePlus has adapted quickly to the move to bigger and taller displays by moving the Home button off of the front of the phone and to the rear, which it did first with the OnePlus 5T. But an in-screen fingerprint reader has been a design holy grail, of sorts, for many handset makers for years. And it looks like OnePlus will finally hit this milestone with the 6T.

In fact, OnePlus originally wanted to go in this direction with the OnePlus 5T. But “the technology wasn’t mature enough to meet our standards for delivering a fast and smooth user experience,” OnePlus explains.

As CNET notes, an in-screen fingerprint reader isn’t technically “in” the screen, it is really embedded beneath the display. But whatever: To the user, they will be pressing their finger on the display to unlock the phone.

This isn’t the only leak we’ve seen about the OnePus 6T, which is expected as soon as October. The phone will ship with a tiny, tear-shaped notch and will be OnePlus’s first phone to ship via a major wireless carrier, T-Mobile. OnePlus is also expected to ship a new pair of its highly-rated Bullets wireless headphones alongside the new phone.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “OnePlus 6T to Have an In-Screen Fingerprint Reader”

  1. chrisrut

    Pity I had to settle for an LG V35 to go with my new Google Fi account...

  2. MikeGalos

    Gee. I guess that wasn't as hard to do as Apple thought.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      Wow you can't even wait to see how well it works before you criticize another company for not doing it first. How do you know it's going to work well and can be made at volumes Apple uses?

      • MikeGalos

        In reply to lvthunder:

        In case you weren't paying attention, Apple leaked their plans for the behind the screen fingerprint reader for iPhone X for a full year before dropping it at the last (relative) minute when they couldn't get it working in production quantities.

    • curtisspendlove

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      Heh. So Apple never said they *couldn’t* do it. Just that FaceID is more magical (or whatever fairy dust words they used).

      And, honestly, they are right. I want Face Unlock everywhere now. ;)

      I want my freaking car and house doors to unlock when I’m walking up to them.

      :: shrug ::

  3. karlinhigh

    How long until the "notch" becomes a "hole" for a camera surrounded by screen? Or maybe that would cause terrible technical problems in manufacturing?

  4. nevadah

    I'm of mixed mind on this. I have a OnePlus 5T and the fingerprint reader is in the perfect spot for when I pick up my phone. My forefinger naturally falls onto it. I'd have to try it to be sure but I suspect that having the fingerprint reader on the front would not allow the unlocking process to be as smooth. I'd either have to stretch the thumb of the hand holding the phone around the front, or use the thumb or a finger of the other hand.

  5. mclark2112

    That is a great looking phone. And it addresses one of my biggest pet peeves with the iPhone X. I don't mind face ID, but I miss fingerprint unlocking almost everyday. There are many times when it is inconvenient to hold the phone in front of my face to unlock. Having both would be very nice. But with the hidden fingerprint sensor, I would never really need face ID.

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