Google Will Fix Pixel 3 Speaker Issues. Maybe.

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 16 Comments

A Google representative told a customer that the firm will fix one of the problems that caused me to return the Pixel 3 and 3 XL I had purchased: The off-balance stereo speakers sound tinny echoing effect that makes audio painful to listen to.

To be clear, Google is not fixing the off-balance stereo effect. That, stupidly, is by design, so Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners will be stuck with audio playback that is heavily and obviously biased to the right (bottom) speaker.

But Google has finally acknowledged a “speaker distortion issue” with the handsets. And it has said that it will fix the problem. At least partially.

“We will be rolling out a software update in the coming weeks to address the audible buzzing in certain areas at lower volumes,” a Google customer service representative told a Pixel 3 owner via a support chat that was posted to Twitter.

That said, Google has not officially acknowledged this problem. As Android Police’s Unofficial Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL bug and issue tracker noted until this exchange, the firm had never issued a formal comment about the problem. And it still hasn’t.

Like its predecessor, the Pixel 3/3 XL has been dogged by reliability problems since its release. In late October, it promised to fix a photo saving bug. And in early November, it finally fixed a slow-charging issue.

But many, many problems remain. And some—like a clicking noise during phone calls, disappearing text messages, and a Pixel Stand issue—have never even been acknowledged by the search giant. And other issues—like the stereo speaker imbalance and poor audio quality in video recordings—are “by design,” Google says. Unbelievable.

Given all these problems, I’ll be sticking with my Pixel 2 XL for now.


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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Google Will Fix Pixel 3 Speaker Issues. Maybe.”

  1. wolters

    I truly hate to hear of these little issues that add to your frustrations Paul. The off balance by design and because of the notch is inexcusable.

    That aside, I'm loving this phone more than the original and 2 XL Pixel phones. The camera is a marvel and while it may not seem much more advanced than the 2 XL's, it truly feels so much better. Beyond the memory management issue and the fact the Pixel Stand is hit and miss as far as it's ambient features, I've not encountered any additional issues. And I'm truly holding on to it for the Camera first and pure Android second. A part of me would like to embrace Samsung's hardware but the camera issues, that seem to go unreported, drive me crazy with the Note 9.

  2. Illusive_Man

    I don't know how you deal with this terrible phone.

  3. burog25c

    Why in creation would you create a phone with unbalanced stereo speakers?

  4. bhatech

    Right who takes anything the clueless support people say seriously. Probably standard answer to have the customer get off their back.

    And the 3 XL is so much better than 2 XL. Can’t go back to sub par device after been using the 3 XL from release day. Sure its personal preference but the superior screen alone is a big difference over the 2 XL which honestly was pretty bad. And there is no other android phone that I would consider given that there is no option that can give me guaranteed platform and security updates as soon as they are released.

  5. Snowsky419

    Google acknowledged the problem with text messages yesterday; they said that a fix would be coming soon.

  6. Craig Jackson

    Having zero issues with my pixel 3 at all. Fantastic phone

  7. lezmaka

    Sounds like they're trying to be like Apple

  8. YouWereWarned

    So I must ask how many people purchased the Alcatel Idol 4S Win 10 phones? Relevant here because they also have a speaker issue. During startup you get a loud one-second screech (sounds like invalid data is written over an audio control address) and your ear piece speaker (or amp) is blown...nasty distortion abounds. They "fixed" the problem in Sept under warranty, and it just happened again in Nov. Now it's a $29 fix.

  9. bertha leon

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  10. dontbe evil

    google quality … ROTFL