Google Shutting Down Google Fit Website to Focus on Android and Wear OS

Posted on February 22, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Mobile, Android with 4 Comments

Chances are if you are an Android user, you probably use Google Fit to track your fitness. The service got a big redesign early last year and picked up more features later on the year.

And although Google Fit picked up some massive improvements on Android and Wear OS, the web counterpart was a bit neglected. Google didn’t really update the Google Fit website (, and although it did have a pretty modern interface, last year’s massive revamp didn’t affect the web app at all.

So Google is completely shutting down Google Fit on the web, shifting its focus to the Android and Wear OS experience instead. Google is now displaying a warning on the Google Fit website (via 9to5Google), warning users of the shutdown that’s set to happen on 19 March. That is surprisingly a really short notice.

“As we continue to focus efforts on adding new capabilities that enhance the mobile and smartwatch Google Fit experience, we’ll be turning off this Google Fit website on 19 March 2019. To keep tracking your activities and get coaching toward your health goals, install the Fit app on your Android phone or Wear OS smartwatch,” the company said.

Google is expected to introduce a new Pixel smartwatch later this year, so shifting its focus to Android and Wear OS could be part of a much bigger plan for the company.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Google Shutting Down Google Fit Website to Focus on Android and Wear OS”

  1. locust infested orchard inc

    Article Headline: "Google Shutting Down Google Fit Website..."

    Waiting for the day when Adoogle announces the shut down of as it isn't Fit for purpose.

    Adoogle is an in-your-face ad company – search is simply a vector to propagate obnoxious ad content, and increasingly to discriminate search results that it would like to promote as the de facto truth.

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  2. nicholas_kathrein

    It's a catch 22. Probably almost no one uses the web and almost everyone who does use google fit uses the android app. Having the website is a nice to have but lets face it. Engineers aren't cheap and you have to focus the limited amount of Engineers you have to things that get lots of use.

  3. bassoprofundo

    I, frankly, do not like my Fitbit, but this is one area where Fitbit really shines.  Their web portal is outstanding and gives guys like me who want to see and work with this type of data on a screen bigger than my hand exactly what I need.  Sad to see this piece go neglected for Google Fit.

    Fit (in combination with Android Wear) seems like such a wasted opportunity, and it's part of what makes the wearable decision so tough on the Android side.  As Google does, they released it with much hype, and it sat quasi-neglected for a long time.  I don't like the looks of the Apple Watch, but I'm definitely jealous when I look at the platform capability and the simplicity of just having a well-supported option that works.