Google Stops Selling the Pixel 2

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Google with 8 Comments

This is no April Fools: Google has removed the Pixel 2 listing from its online store, effectively ending sales of the reliability-challenged handset.

There was no announcement about the change; I found out about this from Android Police. And sure enough, if you navigate to the Google Store and browse its Phones section, you’ll see only one handset listing now, for the Pixel 3 family. (Plus separate sections for accessories). Previously, there was a Pixel 2 listing as well.

Furthermore, if you navigate to the URL for that now-dead Pixel 2 listing, you’ll be redirected to the Pixel 3.

Some retailers are still offering the Pixel 2 family, of course. In fact, as Android Police notes, you can get a Verizon-locked Pixel 2 XL for as little as $400 from Best Buy right now. This and other similar sales are likely a last-ditch effort to get through the remaining stock.

Given the reliability issues with this handset, I’m not sure I can recommend it even at that price. I’m on my third Pixel 2 XL, as a matter of fact, thanks to unrelated issues with the USB-C port. But the Pixel 2 XL has endemic hardware problems, with users reporting all kinds of issues. That said, I’m still using my third Pixel 2 XL thanks to the many reliability issues with its successor, the Pixel 3 XL. So both of these are kind of problematic.

Anyway. The Pixel 2 era is finally over. Good riddance.

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