Samsung Galaxy S10 Users Promised Monthly Updates As Galaxy S7 Updates Get Demoted

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android with 4 Comments

Samsung is outlining the update schedule for its newest Galaxy devices. The company has published an updated version for its Android Security Updates Scope, making some significant changes.

The updated Android Security Updates Scope from Samsung states that the company’s newest Galaxy S10 devices — the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e — will now receive monthly security updates. And that’s not a surprise at all since these are, after all, supposed to be company’s latest and greatest phones.

But because these new phones are now receiving monthly security updates, Samsung is demoting some older devices to quarterly security updates. And that means if you own a Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or Tab S3 9.7, you will no longer receive monthly security updates. Samsung is, still, offering monthly security updates for the S7 Active and S8 line, which are more than two years old, as noted by Android Police.

And all of that is pretty straight forward, but since this is Android we are talking about, the availability of updates for your phone may still vary. After all, all of this comes down to the carrier you are on, and where you live, so it’s all a big confusion. Although these updates are delivered consistently in the western side of the world, the carriers in other parts of the world frankly aren’t too bothered about these updates, and even the latest of devices often miss out on important security updates as a result.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Users Promised Monthly Updates As Galaxy S7 Updates Get Demoted”

  1. Matthew Hair

    I've had an unlocked S8+ and S9+, and they got updated around once a quarter, so I'm wondering when monthly updates were actually ever a thing.

  2. Winner

    Well it only took Samsung like 8 years to get with the program.

    Now about those slow OS updates...

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