Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are Half-Off, Today Only

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 16 Comments

Looking to get a great deal on a Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL? Well, today’s the day, but there are some important caveats.

“Today only!” the Google Fi website notes. “Get 50 percent off the Pixel 3 and 3 XL when you buy and activate on Google Fi.”

So there’s your first caveat: You have to be a Google Fi customer.

The promotion terms page for the limited-time sale, which is today-only and runs until midnight PT also include the following limitations.

  • It’s for individuals only, and you can only buy a single phone.
  • It’s for U.S. citizens only

All good? Check out the one-day prices:

  • Pixel 3 64 GB is discounted from $799 to $399.
  • Pixel 3 128 GB is discounted from $899 to $449.
  • Pixel 3 XL 64 GB is discounted from $899 to $449.
  • Pixel 3 XL 128 GB is discounted from $999 to $499.

Those prices almost make me want to take another chance on a Google Pixel 3 XL, and I believe these are the prices that Google should always sell its handsets at. But thanks to Huawei, I no longer need to deal with Google’s unreliable hardware, and the Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro cameras are better than what these latest Pixels offer.

Still. A great sale.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are Half-Off, Today Only”

  1. dcdevito

    You get what you pay for honestly. I know three people with this phone and they all have issues with it. The RAM management is so poor I don’t think I’d use this phone for free.

  2. locust infested orchard inc

    Quote by Paul Thurrott, "Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are Half-Of...But thanks to Huawei, I no longer need to deal with Google's unreliable hardware...".

    Precisely. Adoogle's Pixellated phones are half the phone that others manufacture. Adoogle ought to concentrate on what they do best – irritating billions of people by needlessly consuming their cellular data through serving inappropriate ads, and data harvesting on an unprecedented scale.

    Leave the phone manufacturing to those who *** really *** know a thing or two about smartphone design and its underlying engineering. (Despite the $1.1 billion purchase of HTC's mobile division in Jan 2018, Google evidently acquired zero talent or technological prowess. How long before Google sells its recently acquired HTC division for a loss, as it did previously with Motorola Mobility ?)

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to locust infested orchard inc:

      Please, your inane drivel and anti-Google stance is just tiring. Post some constructive comments - even if you don't like something - and you might make people actually want to read what you post. Company-bashing at every opportunity is just immature and pointless. We get that you don't like ANYTHING Google, now move on.

      • locust infested orchard inc

        Quote by ghostrider:
        "Please, your inane drivel and anti-Google stance is just tiring...Company-bashing at every opportunity is just immature and pointless."

        Imagine how tiring it must be for me to maintain the fight against the likes of Google et al. But the onus is on me to ensure I maintain the pressure, as these tech belligerents at every given opportunity circumvent paying their fair share of corporate taxes.

        It was reported by Reuters at the start of 2019 that Google moved €19.9 billion ($22.7 billion) through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, as part of an arrangement that allows it to reduce its foreign tax bill, known as 'double Irish and Dutch sandwich'.

        For more than a decade, this arrangement has allowed Google’s owner, Alphabet, to enjoy an effective tax rate in the single digits on its non-US profits, about a quarter of the average tax rate in its overseas markets. The subsidiary in the Netherlands is used to shift revenue from royalties earned outside the US to Google Ireland Holdings, an affiliate based in Bermuda, where companies pay no income tax.

        I find this unethical attitude deplorable, and shall continue at every given opportunity to vocalise the contemptuous behaviour of Google et al, until they correct their corrupt business mindset and practices.

  3. Sbeisner1

    Does anyone know if I could activate Fi as a new user/new number to get this deal, use it for a week and then move back to my Verizon sim and cancel Fi without fear of being charged the full amount?

  4. madthinus

    Good price...but is it a good deal?

  5. doug096

    Google screwed me out of $899 on their travel on us promotion. Good luck getting them to honer this. Worst customer service I have ever gotten from a carrier (and that's saying something). Good luck !

  6. zbecka

    Available only for US Citizens? Really? That sounds pretty restrictive. I think that actual terms indicate US Residents.

    "Offer is only available to U.S. residents ages 18 or older, and requires Google Payments and Google Fi accounts. "

  7. mikefarinha

    I'm not sure about Huawei's track record with OS updates but my Google Pixel 3 is decent hardware with guaranteed OS updates for the next several years. I purchased one for me and my wife with a half off discount on Black Friday.

    After my departure from Windows Phone over a year ago I learned how awful it is to be stuck on an old Android OS and in awe that this was an ongoing concern.

    IMO the #1 most important feature of any Android phone is guaranteed (and timely) OS updates for at least 3 years.

    • pcdoeswhat

      In reply to mikefarinha:

      When it came to my Honor 8, the update experience wasn’t good. It would get security updates every couple of months (more so in the second year than the first). But it was the major updates that left a sour taste.

      At first, the company wouldn’t commit to providing Oreo despite the phone only being a year old around it’s release. When they finally decided to bring Oreo to the device, the communication was poor. As each month dragged into the next and people asked for news, the company wouldn’t have anything to share. It took them well over a year to finally roll it out, with some countries having to wait additional months (again, with little to no communication).

      That’s just one phone, of course. But after that experience, I highly doubt I would consider investing in another Huawei phone, especially something as expensive as the P30 Pro.

  8. oxymarc

    Is Google checking my passport now? ;)

    It's not limited to US citizens only... Just residents.

  9. randallcorn

    My Oneplus 6t working like a champ.

    $579 for 8 GB ram 128 GB storage. Still cheaper than most but price is getting up there.

    As for the best camera? If I want the BEST camera I use my DSLR. lol

  10. Pbike908

    Wow....almost makes me want to buy one...but its been my experience that once a sale like this happens once, it will happen again...

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