Google Teases the Pixel 4

Posted on June 13, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 24 Comments

In response to the first accurate leaks about the next Pixel handsets, Google provided a clearer view of the future. For some reason.

“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go!” the official Made By Google Twitter accounted tweeted yesterday. “Wait ’til you see what it can do.”

The image that accompanies the tweet shows the front and back of a Pixel 4 handset, with the most interest centered on its ugly and humongous three-lens camera system. The design resembles other leaks for both the Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11, and indicates that Google will finally be joining every other smartphone maker in using multiple rear cameras on its flagship devices.

Of course, one naturally wonders why Google did this. The firm typically announces new flagships once every October, and October is still four months away. Is the Pixel 3 and 3 XL family of handsets selling so poorly that teasing their replacements now doesn’t matter? Or is Google considering releasing the Pixel 4 earlier than usual?

Whatever the schedule, the Pixel 4 is also rumored to include iPhone True Tone-like display enhancements and air gesture support thanks to the Project Soli radar sensor. What it really needs is lower pricing than its predecessors and better distribution via wireless carriers. But I’m interested nonetheless.

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Comments (24)

24 responses to “Google Teases the Pixel 4”

  1. briantlewis

    The 3 series really must not be selling, otherwise why knife them by teasing the 4?

    • TraderGary

      In reply to briantlewis:

      I wonder if it's because for some companies their phones are their primary or only revenue source and for Google the phone is a very small portion of their revenue source. Maybe that makes for a competitive advantage.

    • jgraebner

      In reply to briantlewis:

      Is there really anyone out there that doesn't already know that a Pixel 4 with improvements over the Pixel 3 will be coming out some time this year? I have a hard time imagining that this tease will cause much of anyone that was seriously considering buying a Pixel 3 now to suddenly decide to wait. The infamous Osbourne Effect is really about an unexpected early announcement of a successor, not new details about a successor that pretty much everyone already knew was coming.

      The leaks were, of course, already out there. In this case, I think it is fairly smart of Google to jump in with official photos in order to stop the constant speculation and reduce the potential impact from troublemakers playing with Photoshop.

  2. nobody9

    What's ugly about it? And why assume that it is merely aping "everyone else", when even you seem semi-cognizant of the parallel Project Soli hints? Anyone who even casually followed the Soli project can guess that both the camera system and the main screen that they leaked will include some type of gesture recognition skills in likeness to what the Project Soli team originally described. That, in and of itself, is a distinct reason why Google can confidently build hype for it without fear of impacting P3 sales. That is to say that such skills will not necessarily appeal to all, but it likely will appeal to a wholly different audience that they recently mentioned. Can you guess who?

  3. Bats

    For some reason? Thurrott states "...... for some reason."

    Is this the same guy ? who have an explanation and excuse as to why Microsoft was right to announce the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio? Remember? It what lead him to exclaim " THIS IS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE!" ? Remember?

    All those people thinking about getting another phone....NOW..... now have to decide whether they should pull the trigger and get a non Pixel phone or wait for the Pixel 4.

    It's not that hard folks.

  4. dcdevito

    What it really needs is a release without any major issues, and making it available to all carriers on day one.

  5. dstrauss

    That camera "bump" is all of 1-2mm; why in heavens don't the manufacturers make the whole case flush with the bump and dedicate that minimal depth to more battery - how simple would that be? Can they only pander to the 2% of the population that looks good in skinny jeans?

  6. wolters

    This does bring up a lot of interesting questions. Is the 3a selling better than expected so that getting the 4 out now might boost sales riding on the 3a success? Are they just trying to avoid months of endless speculation? Will this finally be a big update? Do they want to get ahead of the Note 10 and iPhone 11?

    Since I left Windows 10 in 2015, I've gone this path: Note 5, Note 7, Pixel XL, Moto Z Force Droid, Note 8, Pixel 2 XL, Note 9, Pixel 3XL. I keep coming back to the Pixel due to the camera. The Camera's are always overrated on the Note Phones. And despite loving the features and full functionality of a Note phone, the camera usually wins out for me.

    My experience with the Pixel 3 XL has been is always very good but I honestly get that "Lag" that is dreaded with Android phones. I can honestly say the last few Note Phones never encountered the lag.

  7. bob_shutts

    It’s great that Paul keeps us updated on new phones, but they all are beginning to look alike to me.

  8. proesterchen

    Another notch-y phone. (see linked renders, note that Google chose only to share the rear of the device with the public)


  9. kflott

    I lament what appears to be the loss of the rear fingerprint reader; that's been a favorite feature of mine since the Nexus phones.

  10. yoshi

    I'm gonna miss the fingerprint scanner. I'm still not sold on the in-display readers, and I have my doubts that Google can do face ID as well as Apple.

  11. Divodd

    "what it really needs is lower pricing than its predecessors and better distribution via wireless carriers"

    also not to be buggy as all get out upon release

  12. skramer49

    A 3 camera system isn't going to result in a lower price.

  13. nirmal77

    Awesome !

    google Pixel camera quality is very nice

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