Samsung Is Making Its Own AirDrop Alternative for Galaxy Devices

Posted on January 23, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Mobile with 18 Comments

AirDrop is an incredibly popular feature on the iPhone that makes file sharing really easy. We have already seen companies like Microsoft introduce a feature similar to AirDrop, with Google and others expected to do the same.

And now, Samsung is the latest company working on its own version of AirDrop. The company is reportedly working on an AirDrop alternative for Galaxy devices, reports XDADevelopers.

The new feature, titled Quick Share, is pretty much like AirDrop. When enabled, you can share files from your phone to other nearby Galaxy devices as long as they have the feature turned on. You can also choose who gets to share files with you, and limit file sharing to your contacts only, or let anyone share files with you.

Unlike AirDrop, though, Quick Share actually uploads the file you want to share to Samsung’s cloud temporarily, and the device on the receiving end downloads it from the cloud in order to complete the transfer. The feature allows users to send up 1GB at a time, but you are only limited to sharing a total of 2GB worth of files every day. And that’s probably because the feature uses Samsung’s cloud.

The new feature is expected to launch on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 line.

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Comments (19)

19 responses to “Samsung Is Making Its Own AirDrop Alternative for Galaxy Devices”

  1. vitalkanev

    Actually. The name "Quick Share" brings me back to Sony Ericsson era.

  2. lilmoe

    This really puzzles me. Why does everyone insist that this is new on galaxy devices? It was first introduced on the GS3 as QuickConnect (and I don't mean Android beam), where you can share content with another nearby galaxy (or any android that has wifi direct enabled manually) and it'll automatically pair and enable wifi direct then send the files (even on the receiver if it was a galaxy) . It was rebranded several times, with the latest being part of SmartThings.

    On my GS7, you can control who can see your device from settings->connections->phone visibility. You select a file or comment from any app and tap share, on top of the app list, tap Share to device. A list of supported devices appear including TVs, speakers, phones, etc, each with the supported protocol (file share, screen mirror, play media, etc).

    This works without an internet connection. I've been using it since my GS4, sending files back and forth with my wife's then Note 2. Now between my GS7 and her Note 9.

    This is NOT new. It's just a different screen from what i see. Airdrop followed...

  3. evennotodd

    Seems like the cloud adds an unneeded and time heavy step.

  4. rm

    "Unlike AirDrop, though, Quick Share actually uploads the file you want to share to Samsung’s cloud temporarily", I wonder if OneDrive can also be used since Samsung is letting people switch to OneDrive from Samsung's cloud.

  5. ken_loewen

    What is Microsoft's feature and is it available on Android? (or just Windows Phone <wink>)

  6. lvthunder

    I wonder why they just don't go point to point like AirDrop does? It makes it a useful feature if you're in a place that cell service is minimal. The way Samsung is reportedly doing it sounds like a good way to bust your data cap.

    • wright_is

      In reply to lvthunder:

      But then Samsung couldn't collect all that information on you, from the files it is looking at as they pass through its system... /cynic

    • ivarh

      In reply to lvthunder:

      Looks like Samsung does not understand that what's making airdrop so good is that it's not cloudbased at all. Everything happens between the sending and receiving device and no on else. Sending the file via cloud storage sort of breaks the whole point of airdrop. And it adds a lot of privacy concerns that airdrop does not have.

  7. innitrichie

    Is AirDrop really incredibly popular?

    I've used it about three times since it was unveiled all those years ago. I can't think of anybody else I know who would use it.

  8. bbennett40

    Oh, Samsung! ::sigh::

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