Pixel 5 Display Gap is By Design, Google Says

Posted on November 4, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 21 Comments

In the wake of alarming reports of Pixel 5 build quality issues, Google says that gaps under the display are not a design defect.

“We’ve had a chance to investigate units from customers and, combined with our quality control data from the factory, we can confirm that the variation in the clearance between the body and the display is a normal part of the design of your Pixel 5,” a Google representative told customers in a support forum. “There is no effect on the water and dust resistance or functionality of your phone. We will work with customers on an individual basis to address any concerns they may have.”

While it’s hard to understand how a gap between the display and the body of the Pixel 5 wouldn’t trigger water and dust resistance issues, it is perhaps just as confusing why this type of separation is acceptable to Google. Granted, the issue doesn’t show up on all Pixel 5 handsets, and it’s worse on some than others when it does. But I hope the company is working behind the scenes to correct the issue, even while it publicly states that there is no issue.

Plus, that forum thread is full of customer photos displaying the issue. That’s just embarrassing.

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