Google Ships Android 12 Beta 2

Posted on June 9, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 6 Comments

Google announced that it is releasing Android 12 Beta 2 today, adding new privacy features and more refinement to the coming platform.

“Just a few weeks ago at Google I/O we unwrapped the first beta of Android 12, focusing on a new UI that adapts to you, improved performance, and privacy and security at the core.” Google vice president Dave Burke writes. “For developers, Android 12 gives you better tools to build delightful experiences for people on phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, TVs, and cars.”

Here are some of the key new features that Google is documenting for Android 12 Beta 2. (You can expect enthusiasts to find many more.)

Privacy Dashboard. The Privacy Dashboard gives users better visibility over the data that apps are accessing. It has a simple timeline view of all app accesses to the microphone, camera, and location over the past 24 hours, and users can request details from an app on why it has accessed sensitive data.

Microphone and camera indicators and toggles. There are now indicators in the status bar to let users know when apps are using the device camera or microphone. And there are new Quick Settings toggles on supported devices that make it easy for users to instantly disable app access to the microphone and camera.

Clipboard improvements. Android 12 will display a toast at the bottom of the screen each time an app accesses the clipboard, unless the content was copied from the same app.

Connectivity experience improvements. The Status Bar, Quick Settings, and Settings will now provide a simpler and more intuitive connectivity experience with a new Internet Panel so you can more easily switch between Internet providers.

Android 12 Beta 2 will be available later today on compatible devices.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Google Ships Android 12 Beta 2”

  1. mefree

    Google claiming privacy features??? Hilarious!

    • anoldamigauser

      They indicate what data apps are collecting, not what they are collecting. By giving users the ability to limit the data apps collect, it makes the data that Google collects that much more valuable.

      Corporations, they all suck.

    • ghostrider

      This is a good step in the right direction - you'll have a single-pane view and be able to see and then approve/disapprove apps from accessing certain things, and I welcome it. Apple are playing the privacy card as a selling point now, but they're as bad (if not worse) than everyone else at the data they collect and the tracking they do - they just don't talk about what they do with all this data.

      I'll hold off until the release version on my 4a, but it's shaping up to be a great release.

    • Paul Thurrott

      They've added privacy features that they announced in May.
  2. qaelith2112

    It just showed up for me. Downloading now for my Pixel 3 XL. I'm relieved and hoping for some bug fixes because Beta 1 had a nasty tendency to spontaneously reboot sometimes as often as several times a day. I've held off returning to 11 to see if Beta 2 improves the stability.

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