Google Expects Record Pixel 6 Sales

Posted on September 2, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 14 Comments

Google has never sold a lot of Pixel smartphones, but it expects the Pixel 6 series to catapult sales to record levels in 2022.

According to Nikkei Asia, Google now expects the Pixel 6 lineup to sell better than before and it has asked its suppliers to prepare for 50 percent more production capacity. Apparently, Google’s Pixel sales fell off a cliff in 2020 thanks (apparently) to the COVID-19 pandemic—I’d argue it was a lackluster product lineup—with only 3.7 million units sold. But the firm had sold 7 million units the previous year, and it now thinks it can meet or even surpass that latter number in 2022.

Nikkei Asia also says that Google has told suppliers that it sees a potential for massive growth opportunities globally because it is the only U.S. smartphone maker building Android smartphones. I’m not sure why that is of interest to international customers, but it’s fair to point out that Google, like Apple, is making massive investments in its own smartphone chipsets, and that, if successful, that could be a major differentiator and attractive to customers.

The Nikkei Asia report also notes that Google has sold fewer than 500,000 Pixel-branded Chromebooks and tablets each year, dating back to 2017. But with Chromebook sales doubling in 2020, the hope is that Google’s in-house hardware can ride that wave too.

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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Google Expects Record Pixel 6 Sales”

  1. yoshi

    If Google pulls this off, I have a feeling my 5a will be short lived. After just one week I'm already missing some flagship features. But I'd like to avoid going back to Apple or Samsung, as the I just don't like anything as much as the Pixel software. My ideal phone(in my head), has been Pixel experience on Samsung level hardware. The 6 and 6 Pro look like it could be that.

    • qaelith2112

      I feel your situation, but if it's any comfort, at least the 5a is a terrific device for the price. It isn't a flagship, and there isn't much to be said if you really would have liked to have the flagship features, but if you're in that price range, you can't really do better than the 5a.

      • yoshi

        Oh yeah, absolutely. As much as I want the 6/6 Pro, it's hard to imagine paying at least double when the 5a is that good. I just know myself, and it will be hard to resist. It's feels like a curse being into this stuff so much. :)

  2. eric_rasmussen

    I have a Pixel 4 right now and I've been saving up for a Pixel 6 Pro when it comes out. I'm definitely looking forward to what Google can do with such high quality camera sensors; my Pixel 4 camera hardware is decent but the photos it takes are amazing.

    I'm cheering for Google, I really hope their hardware investments are a success. It would be nice to see the company turn a profit on sales outside of their advertising business.

  3. Brett Allen

    I've had the 2XL and the 4XL. With OnePlus and Samsung (currently) filling the gaps in between. Looking forward to seeing if they can pull off a worthwhile flagship. The Pixel 3 and 5 just weren't enough of a step up to warrant my upgrading to them. Hopefully, another even number gets me back to using Pixel again.

    • qaelith2112

      Looks like I'm on the same schedule as you but shifted one generation. I did the Pixel XL and Pixel 3 XL, but then I never did go to the 5 because it still didn't quite feel like enough to entice me to move along, so for once I've stretched a phone 3 years instead of my usual 2 year cycle. I've pretty much made my mind up that I'll be going to a 6, but more likely the not-Pro version unless the price difference is fairly modest.

  4. faustxd9

    I wonder if this is for government customers with a US requirement?

  5. MoopMeep

    I get that people don't like the notch on the apple phones but what is up with that camera sticking out

  6. Chris_Kez

    If Google has improved their carrier relations and is willing to pump up their marketing spend then a new sales record should be achievable.

  7. bats

    The Pixel should be the #1 Android smartphone in the world, because of it being "pure" Google. However, the company's marketing strategy is hardly doing anything to distinguish itself from Samsung to influence people to make the switch. The biggest thing that Google can do, is make a "beautiful" and "sexy" smartphone instead of making just a better phone. Normal people don't care about phone specs so much. They care about how the phone looks when they're using it. Samsung Galaxy phone has that sex appeal about it, that make people want it.....I mean REALLY WANT IT!!!

    Take for example, OnePlus. LOL....nobody wants that phone. I'm sure it's a good phone, but nobody wants except for tech geeks, who read reviews from blogs/vlogs, BY tech geeks.

    I am very sure that the Pixel 6 line, from a technology standpoint, will be absolutely great. However, if the marketing is not great, then I can't expect it to even come close to being as popular as Samsung's Galaxy phones.

  8. dcdevito

    I just don’t see it. Google has never been able to sell their phones well, snd with Covid hangover the market has yet to show any signs of a tech giant doing well. Apple is always the exception but can’t be compared in this case. If they announce this phone after the iPhone it’s already DOA.

  9. sephdk

    Hopefully they will sell it in more countries. I would love to get one, but currently they are not selling it here, so I would have to import it from Germany or France.

  10. joferm

    I have a Pixel 4a 5g and it's by far the best phone I've ever had, but there are two big problems with it: service and accessories. I'm Sweden none of the big suppliers have any accessories for it so I had to order the case from an international Amazon site and our company's chosen repair shop that fixes almost any phone doesn't do Google phones. I choose models our employees can select and the Pixel isn't on the list because of the problems mentioned.

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