Android 13 Beta 3 Has Been Updated 3 Times

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In the three weeks since Google issued Android 13 Beta 3, the online giant has issued three updates to that release with stability and performance improvements and various fixes. It’s not unusual for Google to update beta releases between major milestones, but I don’t recall any ever getting three updates.

Android 13 Beta 3, as you may recall, was a major milestone: Android 13 is now at Platform Stability, meaning that its developer APIs and app-facing behaviors are all final. This is the point at which Android app developers should start targeting new features and testing compatibility with the coming release.

Google issued Android Beta 3.1 as an over-the-air (OTA) update to Beta 3 on June 10. That release was “minor,” and it fixed “an issue where the Android Beta Feedback app was not available on Android 13 Beta 3 in some cases.”

Android 13 Beta 3.2 arrived as an OTA on June 16 and included stability improvements and fixes for several issues related to the back gesture, the At a Glance settings page, apps crashing on opening, unexpected microphone behavior, and frequent Google Photos crashes.

Google shipped Android 13 Beta 3.3 last night, adding more stability and performance improvements and fixes for a long list of issues related to the Pixel launcher, system UI crashes (some still related to the back gesture), Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, unresponsive devices after recharging, kernel panics, and power management. Like the previous updates, it’s available as an OTA.

But Beta 3.3 is notable for another reason: as 9to5Google first reported, it includes the Android 3 easter egg, an animated display of on-screen circles that turn into emojis when the screen is long-pressed.

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