CES 2017: Google Assistant is Coming to Android TV, Android Wear

Posted on January 5, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Music + Videos with 11 Comments

CES 2017: Google Assistant is Coming to Android TV

Google announced that it will bring its Google Assistant to Android TV in the coming months.

According to a CES-timed announcement, Google will add support for its personal digital assistant to supported Android TVs and set-top boxes via a software update. That “supported” bit means that some older Android TV-based devices that haven’t or won’t be updated to the latest Android versions (6.0+) will not get this functionality.

More specifically, Google says that the NVIDIA Shield and “all Android TVs in the US running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat, such as the AirTV Player, Sharp Aquos, Sony Bravia, Xiaomi Mi Box, and more” will receive this update. The NVIDIA Shield will be the first one to get it, however.

One can easily imagine that Google Assistant on Android TV will work much like similar voice-controlled systems from Amazon (Fire TV), Roku, and others in that you will need to activate voice control using a button on the remote control. Presumably, future devices with microphones will simply listen for your voice commands.

Regardless of how it’s activated, Google Assistant will then function much like its competitors, of course. You can give it commands like “Play Stranger Things on Netflix,” “Dim the lights,” “How long will it take to get to work?” and so on.

Google also said that its Google Assistant will come to more devices this year, including Android Wear 2.0-based smart watches, Android-powered in-car systems, and other embedded devices that use the Embedded Google Assistant SDK. Companies such as Damlier and Hyundai are among the companies that will offer this functionality.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “CES 2017: Google Assistant is Coming to Android TV, Android Wear”

  1. 442

    Google 2017 is the Microsoft of past few years?  Too little too late?  :)

    I'm still stuck on Alexa, and CES is shining big for her so far.  I'm very interested in the upcoming Amazon branded 4K TV sets with Amazon Fire and Alexa built in.


  2. 9201

    Android based TVs are Smarter than expecting consumers to buy an Xbox & an ill fated Kinect to get AI into the lounge.

  3. 5510

    Is it really Damiler or Diamler, as in Mercedes Benz? Funny, I thought I read somewhere that the partnership was with BMW. Who knows, maybe it's both.

    The fact that the Assistant is going to be in all of those places, isn't surprising. Google generally stated this last year after the Assistant introduction back in Google IO.

    So taking inventory,...Google Assistant, will be: on the phone, on the wrist, the television (common areas of a house or office), an automobile, and a small speaker that can literally be placed anywhere. WOW,...that's almost a complete digital AI-based "smart" life coming into full fruition, brought to you by Google.

    Yesterday, I had dinner with my family in a restaurant and my niece was playing a game on my phone (Pixel XL). Guess who she was playing with? It was the Google Assistant. She said the words "Are you feeling lucky" and the Assistant started playing a game with her. She didn't even need to touch the phone at all. She just talked and listened to phone, also reading The Assistant's transcript of words. LOL...it was as if a natural conversation was going on between my niece and another person. It was cool.

    Paul wouldn't know this, because he's too busy "marveling" at his Nexus 6P, who he curiously favors over the Google Pixel XL, and who also thinks is "overpriced" despite it's iPhone surpassing capabilities.

    MSFT must be thinking, "oh s**t,...we gotta re-think this Home Hub thing."

    I'll be waiting for the expected leak that MSFT has this kind of plan in their agenda, as well.

  4. 591

    OK, so Google is doing what is expected.  Still interesting... I guess.  But Microsoft and Mattel are doing something interesting/concerning https://www.fastcodesign.com/3066881/mattel-is-building-an-alexa-for-kids ... any thoughts?  Is this the same system driving the talking Barbie?  This is the future.  But is it safe?

  5. 5812

    I'm not sure if Paul knows this or not as the way it's worded here he makes it sound like Android TV doesn't already have Googles Voice system that is pre Google Assistant. Just for the record if you have an Android TV they already have voice. So no they are not just getting it. They are getting a way better one. 

  6. 7102

    Interesting NVIDIA Shield have just updated their console/box to generation two. Very thin and compact. I think a option for many who want to stream TV and play a little without pay for a full expensive game console.

    Might suit my needs.


  7. 217

    I'd like to see Alexa on Fire based devices

  8. 7063

    Was there a mention of the Nexus 5x and 6P getting the Google Assistant eventually?  I think I'm going to be even worse irritated at Google if they bring the Google Assistant to all of the 2015 devices except for the phones.