Parallels is Bringing Desktop Virtualization to Chrome OS for Enterprise

Posted on August 6, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Chrome OS, Chromebook with 8 Comments

In June, Google revealed that it was partnering with Parallels to bring legacy application support to Chrome OS for Enterprise, and there was a lot of speculation about how that would be pulled off. Now we know: Parallels is porting its Desktop virtualization solution to Chrome OS for Enterprise so that users can run Windows apps locally on Chromebooks.

The product will be called Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise.

“Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise will make it simple for IT administrators to provision Chromebooks with Windows virtual machines and the required full-featured Windows applications employees need to run,” Parallels senior vice president Nick Dobrovolsiky said in a prepared statement. “IT admins will be able to easily manage familiar automated corporate Windows image deployments they prepare, provision, and automatically provide to their employees. Those virtual machines are fully capable Windows installations; admins can install applications, manage them remotely, and support users with familiar tools—just like they do with physical Windows PCs.”

Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise will be released “later this year,” Parallels says, and it appears that it will work similarly to the firm’s Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Parallels also points out that Parallels Remote Application Server (Parallels RAS) and Parallels Access solutions work across Chromebook, Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, and provide remote access to full Windows desktop environments and applications.

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