SwiftKey for iPhone Gets Emoji Prediction, New Themes, and More

Posted on July 20, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in iOS, Mobile with 19 Comments

SwiftKey for iPhone Gets Emoji Prediction, New Themes, and More

Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard for iPhone has received a significant update that adds emoji prediction, new themes, new languages, and more.

As you may recall, Microsoft purchased the popular SwiftKey and its popular Android and iOS software keyboards in early 2016 Since then, the software giant has worked to continually update this solution, most notably in December 2016, when it made SwiftKey themes—previously in-app purchases—available for free.

With this week’s update, SwiftKey for iOS—which works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch–is being updated with a nice slate of new features. Among them are:

Emoji prediction. A new emoji prediction panel is available when you tap the emoji key, providing a selection of 18 emoji that match the sentence you type. This should make it faster to making it faster to find what you’re looking for.

New themes. SwiftKey is picking up 8 new “Oxygen” themes in various bright colors including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple and Pink. Like other themes, they’re all free.

More responsive trigger cursor control. Thanks to feedback, SwiftKey’s trigger cursor control—basically, swipe-based cursor movement—is now more responsive.

Haptic feedback. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users will now experience haptic feedback on certain keyboard actions, including opening the emoji panel.

More languages. SwiftKey’s already-impressive language support is swelling with 15 new languages in this update, bringing the total to over 115. Newly-supported languages include Akan (Twi), Egyptian Arabic, Bambara, Dagbani, Jola-Fonyi, Ewe, Gujlish, Greenlandic, Lingala, Latgalian, Mossi, Northern Sami, Shona, Tanglish, and Wolof.

Not using SwiftKey yet? You can download it from the Apple Apps Store. (There’s no mention of the Android version being updated, but I assume that will happen soon as well.)


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Comments (19)

19 responses to “SwiftKey for iPhone Gets Emoji Prediction, New Themes, and More”


    Android version just updated.

  2. Rob_Wade

    Merciful heaven, I hate emoji. And I despise any service that tries to convert what I'm typing INTO an emoji. I would like to prevent that from ever happening on any system I use.

  3. Spineless

    I wish WordFlow on iOS wasn't dead. I have so many more oddball auto corrects with SwiftKey. As in "how the F*ck did you come up with that word?", and "I was no where near the letter s"...

    Swipe style text entry with SwiftKey is pretty crappy compared to WordFlow.

  4. Darekmeridian

    Also not mentioned above is there are tiny bits of the Fluent Design bits thrown in on the Design page.

    Microsoft is so weird.


  5. webguynj

    Why do they even have swiftkey when they have wordflow. Wordflow already has emoji prediction. However, more important questions - Why can google GBoard provide voice to text input and neither swiftkey or Wordflow do? And Gee why can't they get either to integrate with Cortana Search? And why can't outlook for iOS integrate any better at with Skype for Business as an add-in when they support add-ins. and the list goes on and on

  6. harmjr

    Microsoft owns this app and from what I hear people like it. I have never used it myself on android or ios.

    However why are stuck with the same black and grey touch keyboard in Windows 10. At least they are adding dictation to it but come one you want to know why your losing Tablets well maybe its your desire to be on all platforms except your own.

  7. Minok

    Emoji prediction? Dear lord.. the most common problem I've got is that text I'm typing is incorrectly converted to emoji's by various messaging applications, such as funnily enough Lync/Skype/Whatever its now called this week.

    When you're a tech worker, using parenthesis in a message is rather common, as well as slashes, colons, semi-colons and the like... and seeing a perfectly good sentence mangled to odd smilyfaces and coffee mugs frustrates on a weekly basis.

    SO now the swift keyboard will predict the wrong thing it wants to do? Nice.

  8. rgelb

    It needs to have dictation. If Apple makes it difficult, do it like GBoard did it - by integrating with a 3rd party app that does dictation.

  9. rameshthanikodi

    shit, those new themes look great!

    also, it's sad Microsoft is delivering this here in 2017. We had emoji prediction on Windows Phone 8.1's WordFlow.

  10. AnOldAmigaUser

    Emoji prediction...

    Society is just going to hell in a handbasket.

    I believe your term is "the dumbening"?

  11. engellion

    How about this. My wife hates the SwiftKey keyboard on her Oppo A57. Much prefers her Lumia 630.

    Swiftkey text prediction is just soooo aggressive. Even when she types out correctly a phrase, with correct spelling. SwiftKey changes it to something ridiculous.


    Wife types: "Will I pick you up at 6 to take you out to the wharf"

    Swiftkey: "Will I know you up at 6 to take you out to the wharf."

    They need to tone it down.

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