Split View Support is Coming to Microsoft Edge for iOS

Posted on June 15, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 13 Comments

The latest beta build of Microsoft Edge for iOS adds support for the mobile platform’s split view feature. This will make it a better multitasker on iPad.

To be clear, this functionality isn’t yet available in the publicly-available version of Microsoft Edge in Apple’s App Store. Instead, it’s available through the Microsoft Edge Beta, which is installed and update through Apple’s TestFlight system. I’m on the Beta version, so I am able to check out this functionality early.

As you may know, Microsoft has been aggressively updating Edge on mobile in recent months. It was updated with Timeline support on both platforms in April, and with ebook support more recently.

Split view is, of course, an iOS-specific feature, so it makes sense that Microsoft would add this feature on that platform, if belatedly: Split view has been around for years, and with last year’s iOS 11 release it picked up a related feature called Slide Over. As I’ve written in the past, iOS 11’s multitasking features are a mess. It makes using an iPad Pro for work difficult.

(Android does support its own kind of split view functionality, called split screen. And looking at Edge on Android, it appears to work fine there too.)

On my iPad Pro (10.5-inch), Microsoft Edge Beta appears to work normally in each of the three split view orientations. (You can divide the screen equally between two apps or give either one of them about two-thirds of the screen.)

Microsoft Edge also supports iOS 11’s Slide Over feature, though I believe that’s not new.

Other improvements in this release, which is Microsoft Edge 42.2, include:

  • Add or edit the top sites on the new tab page
  • Sync progress indicator for favorites and reading list
  • See organization-managed favorites and internal web apps on Intune-managed work and school accounts
  • Fixed an issue where some Bing users were not getting rewards for using Edge
  • A better book reading experience, including the ability to see/add bookmarks and to change text spacing.
  • Performance improvements.

I expect to see this version of Microsoft Edge in the public App Store very soon.


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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Split View Support is Coming to Microsoft Edge for iOS”

  1. Bob Shutts

    IOS browsers must be based on Webkit. I wonder if Edge desktop is also a Webkit browser.

  2. glenn8878

    Microsoft seems more capable of doing mobile on other platforms. They stop work developing their own platforms and don't bother with mobile versions of their applications.

  3. Jules Wombat

    I never understand why Microsoft does not support Vertical Split view, in browsers, just like the split view in a Word document. Quite often I want to view different parts of the same page, keep top content fixed, whilst scrolling through a bottom frame of the same page.

    Hey Ho.

  4. asdcxzfv

    The day they support content blockers through webkit or their own adblock I will use it.

  5. RM

    So, Microsoft continues to develop Edge for Android and iOS at a much faster rate than on Windows 10. Maybe they should rethink keeping the browser a part of the Windows 10 distribution. Maybe they could just keep the rendering and run time engines in the Windows 10 distribution and take the UI and allow that to be updated separately. That would like them add capabilities like favorites and tab management at a much faster rate. Development speed of Edge continues to be slow . . . on Windows 10.

  6. TFinch

    Great news. Been waiting for this.

  7. Rick Foux

    We need Edge on macOS now. I know it's a pipe dream, but I still want it.

    Even better: Edge on Linux so I can run it on a Chromebook with Crostini.