Microsoft Updates Office Apps for iOS

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 0 Comments

Microsoft Updates Office Apps for iOS

Microsoft issued updates to the Office apps—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—for both iPhone and iPad this morning, adding support for new languages, simpler sharing, and other features.

The release notes for each app are the same and include the following:

Support for bi-directional and complex script languages. Word, Excel and PowerPoint now support bi-directional text editing and complex script for Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai on both iPhone and iPad.

Protected document viewing. You can now open and view documents that have access permissions applied to them.

Simpler sharing. You can invite people to edit a document and grant them permissions, all from within each app.

Outlook integration. You can now send a document as an attachment in Outlook and directly edit a document attached to or linked from an Outlook email message.

Outlook for iOS was last updated July 16, with just bug fixes. The Office apps for iOS were recently updated with support for iCloud and other storage services (on iOS 8 or newer only), new Word templates, and the long-awaited Word add-in functionality (iPad only, iOS 8.2 or newer).

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