OneNote Updated to Support iOS 9 and iPad Pro

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 0 Comments

OneNote Updated to Support iOS 9 and iPad Pro

With iOS 9 now rolling out to users of Apple’s i-Devices, Microsoft has released an update to its OneNote mobile app that supports the new system as well as the upcoming iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Here’s what’s new.

Split View support. With iOS 9 and an iPad Air 2 (and, soon, iPad Pro), you can now open OneNote on-screen side-by-side with another app using a new feature called Split View. As Microsoft notes—and as Windows 8 users have know since 2012, this makes it easy “to take notes while watching a lecture, reviewing slides or reading a paper for class.”


Slide Over support. This related iOS 9 feature lets you open OneNote (or another app) on top of another app so you can take a quick note without interrupting what you’re doing. (This feature also requires iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro.)


Spotlight search support. OneNote now supports Spotlight search, so you can search for your notes, as well as images, PDFs, and handwriting in your notes, directly from the iOS 9 search experience.

Apple Pencil support. OneNote now supports the Apple Pencil, which will ship with (and require) iPad Pro, due in November.


Leftie support. The OneNote page list can now be moved to the right side of the screen for you lefties.

Improvements for right-to-left languages. OneNote has been updated with improved support for Arabic and Hebrew so that the UI—and not just your notes—are displayed right-to-left.

Page Previews improvements. Microsoft added support for Page Previews in landscape mode in an August update. This month, it adds a switch in Settings so you can turn off Page Previews if you’d rather not take up the space.

You can download OneNote for iOS from the Apple AppStore.

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