Microsoft Builds A Selfie App For iOS

Selfie Hero

Microsoft has built quite a few apps during 2015 but this latest adventure might take the cake for the least likely to be used. The app, called ‘Microsoft Selfie’, is exactly as the name sounds and is designed to help make your mobile mugshots, better.

The app claims that its intelligent enhancements, noise reduction, auto exposure and color themes will help make you look prettier in your photos. In use, it works like nearly any other photo editor and can improve your selfies over an unedited photo.

The app and its branding don’t have the caveat of this being a ‘Garage’ product but even by Microsoft’s standards, the selfie app is bare-bones, which makes it seem like it is a Garage app. You can take a photo, modify the settings to create an Instagram like experience and then save it but there are no sharing options of any kind. Once you save the photo, it ends up in your camera roll and that’s it.

The app does not appear to be on Google Play and a search of the Windows Store does not find anything either, although the Lumia Selfie can still be found, if you are feeling left out.

If you want to download the bits, spotted by WMPU, and try out the app for yourself, you can do so here but this app falls flat for any justification as to why you would ever use it.

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