Microsoft Is Bringing Its Word Flow Keyboard To iOS

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Brad Sams in iOS with 0 Comments


Anyone who has left the Windows Phone world to join the ranks of the iPhone users typically has one complaint, the keyboard sucks. The Word Flow keyboard on Windows Phone is much better than the stock keyboard that ships with iOS and it looks like Microsoft is about to remedy that problem.

A Windows Insider on Twitter posted that he received an email from Microsoft inviting him to try out the new Word Flow keyboard for iOS. The email notes that iOS is the first platform to receive the feature and it would not surprise me to see this show up on Android as well.

Of course, the one obvious question is why isn’t the Word Flow keyboard on Windows 10 desktop. I frequently use my Surface Pro 4 without the keyboard attached and would love to use the feature in this scenario.

For Windows Phone users, this will come as a disappointment with this feature moving to other platforms as it was one of the tools that made Windows Phone unique compared to Android and iOS.

Microsoft does not say when keyboard will be released to everyone but seeing as they are now doing an open beta with a select group of users, it can’t be too far away.

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