Office Mobile Apps for iPhone Add Finger-Based Inking Support

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Office Mobile Apps for iPhone Add Finger-Based Inking Support

Microsoft has updated its core Office Mobile apps on iPhone—Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile—to support finger-based inking and Citrix compatibility. And PowerPoint Mobile picks up find text capabilities too.

Note: If you do use Microsoft apps on an iPhone, as I do, be sure to check out Microsoft Authenticator Now Available on Android and iOS: It may be time to upgrade your account verification app too.


Here’s what’s new.

Finger-based inking. Previously available only on tablets, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile now support finger-based inking on iPhone too. To do so, open the Draw tab and select the Pen or Highlighter tool and then just write right on the screen.


Citrix compatibility. Thanks to a shocking new partnership with Citrix, in which Microsoft will kill its Azure RemoteApp tool for enterprises, Microsoft is expanding compatibility with Citrix technologies in its apps. But it’s not clear how this works, exactly. The app update description simply reads, “enjoy even more flexibility for storing and accessing your documents with Citrix.” But I don’t see Citrix listed as a service.

Find text in a presentation. In PowerPoint Mobile only, the new Find icon in the ribbon can be used to search for any text in a presentation.


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