Microsoft Authenticator for iPhone Adds Push Notification Support

Posted on September 22, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 0 Comments

Microsoft Authenticator for iPhone Adds Push Notification Support

Microsoft updated its Authenticator app on iPhone today, adding a much-requested feature: Push notification support. Now, you’ll no longer need to enter codes when you approve a sign-in from your iPhone.

“We’re pleased to announce a much-awaited feature – push notifications for your personal Microsoft account!” the new app update description reads. “You no longer need to open the app and copy codes, just approve your sign-in from the notification.”


So that’s not strictly true: When you tap the notification, the app launches and then you approve it from there. But still … A lot easier than typing a code.


And if you were already using this app, as I was, you’ll need to remove your Microsoft account and then re-add it. Otherwise, you’ll just keep using codes.

“If you already have a personal Microsoft account set up in the app, you will have to add it again to take advantage of the new feature,” Microsoft notes. “Copy your 6-digit security code prior to starting the ‘add account’ flow, as you will need it to complete setup.”


I did do that, but you may not actually need to: Your account should be set up to work with secondary methods of authentication, like a text message.

You can download the new Microsoft Authenticator app from the Apple App Store.


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