Apple Ships iOS 10.2

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 11 Comments

Apple Ships iOS 10.2

Apple delivered iOS 10.2 to compatible devices today, adding a TV app, new emoji, and numerous new features to the core apps.

The release of iOS 10.2 comes about three months after the initial iOS 10 release, which included a number of important improvements over previous iOS versions. A first interim update, iOS 10.1, which added Portrait mode to the Camera app on iPhone 7 Plus and various other improvements, shipped in October.

You’ll see a full list of the changes when you update in Settings, General, Software Update. But here’s a rundown of some of the bigger ones.

SOS. I didn’t test this, but if you press the power button five times in a row, your iPhone will call emergency services.

TV app. Announced at its October event, the new TV app provides a front-end to content you’ll actually access from other apps, such as Apple’s Videos app and the iTunes service behind it. The TV app works a bit like the OneGuide on Xbox One in the sense that it blurs the line between separate app experiences and provides a sort of live view of “what’s on,” which in this case really just means “what you might want to watch now.”


Camera and Photos improvements. Given how (relatively) lackluster the camera experience has been on my iPhone 7 Plus, I’m curious to see if any of this improves matters. But nothing Apple notes looks like it applies: There are improvements to Live Photos, Memories, Camera zoom, and RAW support. (The Memories one is classic: Apparently, it was creating memories of screenshots.)

Messaging and emoji improvements. Messages new love and celebration full-screen effects. And there are over 100 new emoji, including new faces, food, animals, sports, and professions. I’ll be sure not to ever see any of that.


And more. There are various small improvements to Music, Mail, and News, none of which I’d ever use, and to iOS’s accessibility features.

iOS 10.2 is available for free.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Apple Ships iOS 10.2”

  1. 8940

    Why do you get an iPhone if you don't use Music, TV, Mail, News, Photos, etc

    If you only use the startup drivers and notification center and install all Google or MS apps you are better off with a Pixel.

  2. 8179

    Why is it that nowadays - one of the main 'selling features' of phone OS updates is Emoji. I remember the good old days when OS upgrades were about technical improvements. Seriously, it's like these days if a company isn't including new Emoji in their updates then they are going to fall behind the competition...

  3. 5240

    For Apple TV, this update is completely insane: Apple has changed the behavior of the Home button so that rather than taking you to the home screen where all your apps are, it takes you to the new TV app. I understand that they want to promote this new app, but that is going way to far. At least that behavior can be changed back from the Settings app.

  4. 2015

    TV App? Yet another icon to drag into my iCrap folder ;)

  5. 421

    As a CarPlay user I'm happy to see that they finally got Night Mode working in Maps. It's been blingingly bright since the iOS 10 upgrade. (Now all they have to do is let us use Waze or Google maps.)

  6. 5234

    Where have I seen that stylized N before??