Adobe Updates Photoshop on iPad

Posted on May 19, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in iPadOS, Music + Videos with 0 Comments

Adobe announced today that it is adding two eagerly-awaited features to Photoshop on iPad: Curves and Brush Sensitivity.

“Today we introduce Curves and brush sensitivity in Photoshop on iPad,” Adobe’s Pam Clark writes. “Curves is a core feature of Photoshop, much anticipated on the iPad version. We are very happy to get that into your hands.”

Here’s what’s new:

Curves. This tool lets you adjust the color and tone of an image—its contrast, exposure, saturation, highlights, shadows, and color balance—in a non-destructive way, Adobe says. The first version includes “adjustments of tonal curves for all channels, multi-node selections, and some great new affordances to enable the app to recognize when you want to tap and drag a node with your finger or pencil or select it.” Number inputs and eyedropper tools will ship soon in a future release.

Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity. With this release, you can now adjust the pressure sensitivity of Apple Pencil for more precise brushing, cloning, and other effects when using brush-based tools. This works exactly as you’d expect.

Adobe has been updating Photoshop on iPad at a steady clip. You can find out about all of the new features they’ve added over time on the Adobe website.

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