Here’s Apple’s Lousy Attempt At Fixing the Keyboard on New MacBook Pros

Posted on July 14, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Mac and macOS with 61 Comments

Apple revealed a powerful refresh to its MacBook Pro devices earlier this week. The company updated the MacBook Pro with new True Tone displays, updated processors, more RAM on the higher-end variants, and third-generation butterfly keyboards.

Those new keyboards on the refreshed MacBook Pros provide a slightly quieter typing experience, but they retain the same short key travel from the previous generation. But Apple claimed the update doesn’t specifically fix the main problem with previous generation MacBook Pros, which is that the keys can get become inoperable because of dust. This issue was so serious that Apple got into legal trouble, and it later promised to replace the keyboards of the “small number of users” affected.

But as it turns out, Apple did, secretly, included somewhat of a fix for that keyboard issue on the new MacBook Pros.

According to iFixit, the new MacBook Pros come with a silicone cover over the butterfly switches that are supposed to stop dust from intervening with the key mechanism. The silicon cover also makes the keyboard quieter, but that clearly isn’t its entire purpose. The fix is still quite poor, though — there’s a good chance dust will still be able to get in, rendering your keys useless. Apple confirmed the new keyboard isn’t designed to fix the dust issue, so things are still up in the air for now.

As a long-time 2015 MacBook Pro user, I have been patiently waiting for a new MacBook Pro upgrade. This year’s updates look promising, but the keyboard continues to present a bit of a question. It’s quieter, but does it actually fix the main problem? There’s literally no way of telling right now. But here’s to hoping that the next generation of keyboards will completely fix the problem.

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