Photoshop Comes to ARM on Windows and macOS

Posted on November 17, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Mac and macOS, Windows 10 with 23 Comments

Adobe this morning announced beta versions of its flagship Photoshop application that run on Windows 10 on ARM and Apple Silicon-based Macs.

“This early version of Photoshop for ARM offers many of the core Photoshop features that you’ve come to rely on for your day to day editing needs, and we’ll be adding more features in the weeks to come,” Adobe says of the Windows 10 on ARM version. The firm has a similar announcement for the Apple Silicon version.

In both cases, Adobe notes that these versions of Photoshop are not “fully functioning” as they “contain several limitations compared to the more widely available versions” of Photoshop for Windows and Mac. “Over time, more features will be made available.”

The list of missing features is quite long in both cases. On Windows 10  on ARM, some key missing features include RAW camera support, subject and object selection, various filters, Microsoft Dial support, and many more. Other features, like Lightroom importing, 3D-related functions, and others offer work in limited ways today.

Still, this is a big win for the small but vocal Windows 10 on ARM community: I’m not surprised to see Adobe jumping on Apple Silicon this quickly, but we’ve been waiting for this support on WOA for years.

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