Microsoft Band 2 Updated with GPS Power Savings and Weight Tracking

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft-Band with 1 Comment

Microsoft Band 2 Updated with GPS Power Savings and Weight Tracking

Microsoft this week updated its Band 2 wearable with a new battery-saving GPS mode and weight tracking functionality. The software giant says that both changes were driven by customer feedback.

“We want to find more ways for you to continue doing what you love, and more of it, with your new Microsoft Band 2,” a new post to the Microsoft Devices blog notes. “Run, bike, and exercise longer and meet your overall health goals with two new features we’ve just announced this week.”

Here’s what’s new.


GPS Power Saver mode

A new GPS Power Saver mode can extend the life of Band 2 by up to four hours, which is key since using GPS will guarantee that you need to recharge the device that day. It saves battery by recording your position in intervals rather than continuously, Microsoft says, and I’m curious to see how that changes the quality of the run/walk/biking maps it creates. Microsoft says this change will help enable longer runs or rides.

Note: GPS Power Saver mode is only for Microsoft Band 2, not the original Band.


Weight tracking

Microsoft Band (and Microsoft Health) will now track your weight and calculate your BMI (body mass index), which is used to determine whether you’re overweight (and by how much). Naturally, you still have to enter your weight manually into the Microsoft Health app (which you’re using on your phone already with Band), but from there on out it will provide charts of your complete weight history.


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