Microsoft Band 2 is Again Discounted by $75

Posted on May 3, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft-Band with 0 Comments

Microsoft Band 2 is Again Discounted by $75

For the third month in a row, Microsoft has discounted its Band 2 wearable by $75, bringing the price temporarily to an affordable $175. This is a great price for the Band 2, which is still my favorite wearable, and the one I use every day.

The temporary pricing is available now from the Microsoft Store online, of course, but that is limited to the U.S. and Canada, I’m sure. But Amazon is also selling the Band 2 for $175, and it’s possible you’ll have better luck there. (Or not. Sorry.)

The big question here, of course, is why is Microsoft so regularly reducing the price of Band 2, which is an excellent device. The obvious guess is that it’s not selling well, but then it’s not like Microsoft makes the device broadly available. And in those places where you can find a Band 2, it’s not marketed at all. (A recent Microsoft email for Mother’s Day promoted a Fit Bit for crying out loud.)

It’s also possible that Microsoft is prepping an upgrade, but it seems a bit early for that.

My guess is that most people who want a Band 2 have already snagged one, and hopefully you were able to get it at reduced pricing. (I purchased one for my wife as a Christmas present late last year, and she wrote her own review of the device a few months back too.)

If not, this promotion runs through May 21, Microsoft says.

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