Canadian Royal Navy is Testing HoloLens for Remote Maintenance

Posted on April 2, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft HoloLens, Mobile, Windows 10 with 6 Comments

The Canadian Royal Navy announced today that it will use HoloLens and Kognitiv Spark software to improve maintenance and repairs aboard its active vessels.

“Innovation and technological advancement are critical to the future of the Royal Canadian Navy,” Royal Canadian Navy rear admiral Casper Donovan says. “We are continually seeking new ways to leverage emerging technologies in order to enhance our performance alongside and at sea. The Mixed Reality Remote Assistant Support system is an exciting tool, because it may provide our sailors with the opportunity to explore a new, and potentially much more efficient way of conducting onboard maintenance.”

Mixed Reality Remote Assistant Support  is a HoloLens-based software solution developed by Kognitiv Spark that it says “uses Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve efficiencies with ship operations including repairs, maintenance and knowledge transfer.” The system will be used by RCN Marine Technicians and Weapons Engineering Technicians to ensure that ships maintain a high-level of readiness.

According to the announcement, on-board personnel will use HoloLens to assist remote maintenance technicians who can see everything they see and provide guidance using real-time voice and video, interactive 3D holograms and content, and live IoT data. The hope is that this technology will improve decision making and reduce errors. When remote assistance is unavailable or unneeded, the system will use locally-stored data to help with routine tasks.

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