Some Quick Thoughts About the Surface Laptop Leaks

Posted on May 2, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 with 48 Comments

Some Quick Thoughts About the Surface Laptop Leaks

As Brad noted last night, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop unfortunately leaked just hours ahead of the event at which it will be formally announced. Let’s recap how this device confirms previous rumors. And a name change for Windows 10 Cloud.

First and most obviously, [the Surface Laptop is very clearly the “Surface Book 2” clamshell (read: laptop) that Digitimes reported about back in March](Surface Book reportedly entered mass production recently.). Details included:

  • Surface [Laptop] reportedly entered mass production recently.
  • Microsoft is likely to announce Surface [Laptop] at the end of March or April. Early April was indeed the original schedule.
  • Surface [Laptop] would adopt a clamshell design instead of the Surface Book 2-in-1 design.
  • Surface [Laptop] will feature a lower starting price than that of its predecessors, with a starting price of just $1,000. This makes sense given that we now know this is a premium device in the education sector, and prices in this market are lower than elsewhere.
  • These changes are being made because of a “significantly limited demand” for Surface Book and a “conflict” with Surface Book competing too closely with Surface Pro “in terms of product position[ing].” This clearly makes sense.

Random aside: 6:18 and June 18 appear on the lock screen images. We’ve seen that date elsewhere. Is June 18 the release date? Is there a Surface Pro refresh coming on that date too? Not sure.

The original Digitimes report didn’t mention Windows 10 Cloud (or education). But the leaks do, and that OS is now called Windows 10 S. You may recall that, in all the news about Microsoft going after Chromebook and Chrome OS, I wrote the following.

  • Windows 10 S is not tied to ARM. Surface Laptop is, of course, an Intel device. But Windows 10 S will be on both Intel and ARM.
  • It’s not about a subscription version of Windows 10. This is why the name “changed” though it’s clear everywhere knew Windows 10 Cloud was a terrible name.
  • It’s Windows RT “done right” in that, yes, it will only run Windows Store apps out of the box, but it will be upgradeable to Windows 10 Pro, with Win32 app support.
  • It’s not just for low-cost/education PCs. Surface Laptop is a premium device. “Microsoft … expects there is a market of customers who will simply prefer the reliability, security, and performance of a PC that is not dragged down by legacy code,” I noted. This is their new device.

Anyway, it’s too bad that the revelations about this device ruined a few fun surprises for today.


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