Windows 10 Creators Update is Now Available on Surface Hub

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 with 2 Comments

Windows 10 Creators Update is Now Available on Surface Hub

Microsoft announced today that the Windows 10 Creators Update is now available for its Surface Hub collaborative computing solution.

“The Creators Update is the culmination of months of listening to feedback of our best customers and includes a litany of great features and tools to help teams better create,” Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin explains. “My favorites: the amazing new Microsoft Whiteboard App that allows real-time collaborative inking across devices, deeper integration with a person’s individual authenticated Office 365 documents and new manageability and security tools to help keep your information safe.”

Here’s what’s new in the Creators Update for Surface Hub.

Improved Whiteboard app. This improved app will arrive in mid-June as an app update, and it will ship to other Windows 10 platforms later in 2017. It provides new inking tools and ink effects, and more ways to integrate existing content into the whiteboard canvas.

Deeper Office 365 integration. Surface Hub now supports Office 365 single sign-on functionality, allowing you to access your OneDrive, your most recently-accessed documents list, Microsoft Teams, and other Office 365 features.

Improved audio. Microsoft says it worked with Dolby to optimize the Surface Hub audio experience for human speech.

Improved Miracast. The Miracast functionality in Surface Hub is now faster and more reliable, Microsoft says.

Improved Skype. Surface Hub now offers simpler Skype controls that make it easier to call, message and share content with remote participants.

New manageability and security features. Surface Hub will now wipe all data at the end of each session by default, can require BitLocker on connected USB devices, supports additional Mobile Device Management (MDM) features, and supports two-factor authentication.

Additionally, Microsoft revealed that it is now offering a 5-year extended hardware service for Surface Hub customers.


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2 responses to “Windows 10 Creators Update is Now Available on Surface Hub”

  1. kzrystof

    I am pretty sure I have seen the new update running on few of our Hubs at the office for several weeks now. And I must say the Single-Sign-On support makes it so much easier to use now :)

  2. edboyhan

    Actually, this is a little misleading. I had a conversation with the Surface Hub folks at Build in Seattle about what exactly is the Surface Hub operating environment. First, it's not a SKU'd version of W10. Internally the Surface Hub OS is called W!0 Team Edition. It's a special OS crafted for the SH. It includes most of the feature set from whatever the current desktop wave provides. But since almost all of the management and Admin tools (things like Intune) come from the mobile space, it also includes many of the W10Mobile API's. It also includes stuff that is peculiar to the SH (like a shell that can support multiple simultaneous users, and other SH-specific UI niceties).

    So while it offers many of the features of the creators update, it is in fact its own special beast available only on the SH. A similar approach is taken with the HoloLens operating environment, and will supposedly also be used as certain other new types of H/W devices are introduced.

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