Microsoft Issues a Small Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3

Posted on June 7, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 12 Comments

Microsoft Issues a Small Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3

Microsoft continues to do a stellar job of supporting its iconic Surface Pro 3 with firmware updates. This week, it issued its fourth set of updates for the device in 2017.

This one is a small update, however, with just two improvements aimed at reliability and battery life. They are:

Surface – Firmware – Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware improves battery life during sleep.

Surface – Firmware – 3.11.2150.0. Surface Pro UEFI 3.11.2150.0 improves PXE performance on IPv6.

As always, these updates are available to Surface Pro 3 users via Windows Update.


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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Microsoft Issues a Small Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3”

  1. Delmont

    When did these first come out? How much longer will they be supported? If you can get one for a good deal, worth the money today? Thx

    • pmeinl

      In reply to Delmont: My experience: Principally it is a fine machine. But even with the last firmware update (have no experience with the one mentioned in this post) my SP3 still drains its battery while being carried around and frequently does not recognize the keyboard. So I still have to rely on hibernating it and swearing at the keyboard - hoping for its voice recognition to have mercy :-) The SP3 is the most unreliable machine I ever had. With the latest Versions of Win 8.1 at least the battery drain issues had been solved but with Win 10 they surfaced :-) again.

      • evancox10

        In reply to pmeinl:

        I have one too and agree with this assessment

      • Delmont

        In reply to pmeinl:

        Yikes. So you would say don't waste your money if even on a good used deal? What year did they first come out?

      • CrownSeven

        In reply to pmeinl:

        Your experience is the opposite of mine. Battery drain is minimal. Occasionally need to detach and reattach the keyboard to have it recognized again, but that doesn't happen often.

        OP they are great machines, just not power houses. I'm a gamer and I love Rocket League - it can play it, but just barely. But for just about anything else they do well - and if you can find a refurb they're a great deal right now.

        • Delmont

          In reply to CrownSeven:

          What is a fair price on a Surface Pro 3 these days would you say? How much life and support do they have in them?

          • robsanders247

            In reply to Delmont:

            I would be open to sell mine for the right price (plus shipping from NL), as my employer will provide me with a new laptop in the near future. I have the i7 model (Haswell, 1.7GHz - TB 3.3GHz) with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD drive, as well as the keyboard, Surface pen (Surface Pro 4 edition as I replaced a faulty one) and the Surface Pro 3 dock.

            If interested, I'm sure we can work things out. You can reach me directly at rhwsanders at

  2. Lewk

    I am not seeing this update yet. Nor have I received last months Firmware update :/

  3. Drew Bartlett

    I agree with this