Surface Pro 4 Updated to Support New Type Covers

Posted on July 12, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 8 Comments

Surface Pro 4 Updated to Support New Type Covers

Microsoft has issued a firmware update for Surface Pro 4 that provides better support for the 2017 Type Covers.

I’m traveling this week, so I can’t really test this, but, yes, Surface Pro 4 already works fine with the new Type Covers. This includes the Surface Pro Type Cover and the Alcantara-covered Surface Pro Signature Type Cover.

So it’s not clear what exactly this firmware update does, beyond the basics, as described on the Surface Pro 4 Update History site: Improve reliability and connectivity.

Anyway, you won’t see this update unless you are already using a Surface Pro 4 with a new, 2017-era Type Cover. But it’s already been added to the Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware download set, which includes all current software, firmware, and drivers for the device in a single place.


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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Surface Pro 4 Updated to Support New Type Covers”

  1. alexoughton

    So does this mean I can't use the new covers on my SP3? Or is it just not officially supported...? The SP4 type cover is working wonderfully on my SP3, but it's getting a little worn out...

  2. pesos

    I'm still using my sp4-gen fingerprint sensor type cover since they haven't released a new alcantra fingerprint one yet. It's got a torn corner but still works fine. Hope they don't abandon this option but i guess with windows hello camera support built in it may be less of a priority.

  3. bbold

    I've noticed just a couple of times with my Surface Pro (2017 base model) that the type cover wont work, and will show up in Devices as "driver failure" for the type cover only (and mouse/keyboard do not respond to use, have to restart.) This happened to me yesterday morning, in fact, so I'm assuming this update may help to resolve similar issues while using the cover with SP4.

    • rfog

      In reply to bbold:

      I had exactly same problem with my SP3 and less frequently with my SP4. Problem was the contacts at the SP3 side. I carefully clean them and worked better but not perfect.

      At the end solution for all problems I had with my SP3 and SP4 was store them in a drawer and use an iPad Pro.

    • rejohnson

      We have found that the type cover with the fingerprint reader will fail to work and bluescreen the Surface 4 with W10 1607, so we're only using the standard type covers for now.  The April S4 driver update required W10 1703 and I don't know if the July updates are the same.  We're months away from updating Enterprise to 1703; after all, it only recently showed up on the volume license website and hasn't yet been declared to be the Current Branch for Business.

  4. dorana

    Am I missing something here? I downloaded firmware 27th June, and these were suppose to be the May/June firmware updates. And even though the download page says the latest update were released yesterday (11th July) they seem to be exactly the same as those available 2 weeks ago? I'm missing something here?

  5. gregsedwards

    Meanwhile, we're still waiting on that promised firmware/driver update that will allow the Surface Dial to be placed directly on the Surface Pro 4's screen.

  6. rejohnson

    Has anyone figured out the naming convention for the Surface updates?  I tried to apply "SurfacePro4_Win10_15063_1701601" to Win 10 1607 back in May and got an error that my system had a "later" version already installed.  Hah!  It ended up requiring Win 10 1703!  I contacted Surface support and they couldn't tell me how to identify the updates but they did confirm that the Win 10 version mattered.  If that's the case, Microsoft, why not ID them with something humans can understand?




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