High-End Surface Laptop Models Will Soon Offer Color Choices Too

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 11 Comments

High-End Surface Laptop Models Will Soon Offer Color Choices Too

Today, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop only offers four color choices if you purchase a mid-level model. But that’s about to change.

I first wrote about this oddity in A Closer Look at Surface Laptop Configurations, right around the time the device launched. Though the Surface Laptop was billed as having four available color choices—Burgundy, Platinum, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold—those choices have only been available to those who opted for a mid-level, Intel Core i5-based model. The base model is available only in Platinum, which is fine. But the higher-end Core i7 models are only available in Platinum too. Weird.

But since then, Microsoft has started making color choices available to the higher-end, Core i7-based Surface Laptop models, starting internationally. And today, Neowin’s Rich Woods noticed that the color options are listed as “coming soon” on some of the Core i7-based Surface Laptop models here in the US too. (The version with 8 GB of RAM is still listed as Platinum only.)

So this is great news. And it should end some grumbling from customers who want a color choice with their expensive new laptop.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “High-End Surface Laptop Models Will Soon Offer Color Choices Too”

  1. Polycrastinator

    I'll be interested to see if they bring the same thing to Surface Book (for that matter, I'll be interested in whether Surface Book is in fact about to become a dead-end with the laptop having been released).

    • SRLRacing

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      The Surface Book is still a very different product with its GPU and I assume more powerful processor it's more of a mobile workstation. By no means does that guarantee a second generation but it is certainly not replaced for the ultra book like Laptop.

    • will

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      The Surface Book is geared to be more of a Pro device with a dedicated GPU. Right now some of the specs of the SB are behind everything else, but I would guess we will see a new Book in the fall that would place it in a higher end category. Processor, graphics, ports, and even a possible design refresh could come with the Book 2.

      What I do not see happening is having a Book with performance base anymore. I think this was a stop gap solution and the next SurfaceBook will have one version. Battery life that will be equal or greater than what the laptop and pro versions have now.

      As far as colors...I have no idea :)

  2. bbold

    I actually have the base model platinum and I think it looks great. 2nd choice: Nunya.

  3. warren

    Oh thank goodness, I am starting my search for a new laptop and I was pretty disappointed that the Core i7 model wasn't available in Cobalt Blue.

  4. Pbike908

    Geez, this thing is SO OVERPRICED compared to HP, Lenovo, and Dell...Folks can get a premium device from those vendors for way less dough...

  5. Riopato

    Hopefully they improved the paint process on these laptops. The premium pricing on these devices should not have any paint chipping nor uneven coating issues that I've been hearing about.

  6. Tony Barrett

    Overrated, overpriced, under-spec'd, crippled O/S. Nuff said.

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