Microsoft Unveils New Surface Accessories

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 15 Comments

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Accessories

Microsoft this week showed off a new range of aqua-colored Surface accessories, including a Surface Pro Type Cover, Surface Pen, and Surface Arc Mouse. All of the new devices will debut October 17, alongside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Additionally, the firm revealed some new Surface accessories from a Finnish fashion design company called Marimekko. These are available immediately.

“Beyond new magical experiences from Windows, Office, and other app partners that help people create in new ways with our innovative hardware, we want to celebrate the intersection of technology and design,” Microsoft’s Eric Lovelin writes. “You should feel proud to pull a Surface—the ultimate laptop—from your bag, wherever you are. And the influence of fashion, aesthetics, texture, and color make the technology more personal, an extension of your style and personality, like your favorite sweater, handbag, fragrance, and home accessory.”

The aqua Surface accessories are easily understood: They’re existing devices, in an aqua color. That said, Microsoft gets a bit of mileage out of it.

“Aqua is a soft and approachable color,” the firm notes. “When creating Aqua we drew inspiration from our natural surroundings which helped develop its friendly attributes. This color works beautifully with our materials, from the richness of Alcantara through to the depth and sheen of anodization on our pen. It complements the rest of the existing palette while adding a hint of lightness.”

The Marimekko designs are a bit more flamboyant. They bring four of the design firm’s most iconic prints to the Surface family via sleeves for Surface Laptop and Type Covers and skins for the new Surface Pro.

“All four patterns represent the creativity and spirit of Marimekko and give Surface users an opportunity to customize their devices – and since these devices are used on a daily basis, what better way to bring joy and happiness into people’s everyday lives than with an accessories line that brings a pop of color to your life,” Microsoft notes.

And you thought there wasn’t going to be a Surface release this month. 🙂


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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Microsoft Unveils New Surface Accessories”

  1. Bats

    I just don't understand why there are so many issues with Microsoft computers. I really don't. 

    A couple of points:

    1. Because we are talking about Microsoft hardware working in conjunction with Microsoft OS (Windows 10) shouldn't there be minimal to no reliability issues at all? Isn't this what Macs are famously known for? If so, then why hasn't the same success happening for a closed Microsoft system? 

    2. Surface computers are not cheap. It seems that there are so many problems with Surface hardware, that perhaps it would be best for Microsoft to outsource or heavily partner with other companies to make their Surface computers. See, I can see why Google charges $1,000 for their Pixel phone. It's a phone built by a real hardware company like HTC and LG that have a certain level of expertise when building a phone to Google's specs. In the case of Microsoft, it seems that they are just doing this on their own and perhaps THAT is the problem. Not just that, but to charge a base price well over $1,000? I think it's safe to say that Microsoft isn't Lenovo, Apple, HP, or Dell. 

    • Username

      In reply to Bats: If so, then why hasn't the same success happening for a closed Microsoft system? 

      You’ve answered your question - they’re not as good as Apple.

  2. PincasX

    Magical? Intersection of technology and design? Aqua? Someone found Steve Job’s phrase book.

  3. Simard57

    "the influence of fashion, aesthetics, texture, and color make the technology more personal, an extension of your style and personality, like your favorite sweater, handbag, fragrance, and home accessory"

    Fragrance? Maybe they should add scratch and sniff to the accessories to improve the fashion, aesthetics, ...

  4. MacLiam

    That aqua tint is nice, but not nice enough to make me set aside the accessories I already have in order to do the same thing in a different color.

    Still, this is a big step up from the NFL-themed accessories of a couple of years back that struck me as one of the most incomprehensible marketing and promotional efforts of all time.

    • ommoran

      In reply to MacLiam:

      I actually thought that one made a lot of sense, as it tied in with the use of the Surface by the teams at the game, and the deal they had made with the NFL for all the Surface mentions during the games. When, you know, they called them iPads :).

      Of course, iPads by then had become so ubiquitous that people referred to any tablet as an iPad, kind of like Kleenex or Scotch tape.

    • dallasnorth40

      In reply to MacLiam:

      I love my Saints type cover! Who Dat??!!

  5. lwetzel

    Ehhhh Yeah.....

  6. chrisrut

    Y'know, I got to thinking about it, and it's really odd that MS hasn't even tried to do something to grab the spotlight for this holiday selling season. So far it's been one "Meh" after another - and October 2018 is a LONG time from now... it's like they have all these ingredients just sitting there on the kitchen counter, and nobody's bothered to make the soup... I see two possibilities: either they have something big sitting in the wings - to be revealed soon - or they really are as inept as the most negative believe.

    I'll play devil's advocate for a moment: but what did I expect? MS has abdicated the consumer market - and was never any good at consumer stuff anyway - and dropped every product line people might be interested in - or oversold as with the Hololens - and is out of mobile for gosh sakes - and W10 has underachieved, and, and, and...

    But still.

    • SenorGravy

      In reply to chrisrut:

      I wouldn't say that Microsoft wasn't any good at consumer products. Some of their stuff was bad ass. Zune was ALWAYS better than iPod. the original ZunePass remains the best deal in music subscriptions. XBox still rocks. I was a daily user of Microsoft Band when I exercised. Windows Phone 8.1 remains my fave mobile OS. It was innovative and user friendly.

      Microsoft just sucks at competing, and marketing, and to be honest, sticking with it. I honestly don't understand why everyone throws their panties at Nadella. He's just retreated to Enterprise and the Cloud. How brilliant is he to have done that?

  7. dhallman

    So when does this color come to Surface Laptop?

  8. Roger Ramjet

    "... Microsoft hasn't done something to grab the spotlight this holiday season ..." "Microsoft is the worst company since Ceasar Augustus ..."


    Xbox 1X, (featuring Forza Motorsports 7, Cuphead, Assasin's Creed, 4k gaming, 4K blue ray player ...), WMR (featuring Samsung, Dell, HP, Asus, ...), Minecraft play anywhere, Xbox 1S bundles,

    ..., ....

  9. Tony Barrett

    Surface was a nice idea badly executed. MS didn't have the in-house expertise to pull it off, but were so desperate for a piece of the Apple pie, they went ahead anyway. Anyone who buys Surface is a beta hardware tester, just as everyone who runs Win10 always will be beta testers. MS seriously think anything can be delivered 'as a service' these days - fixing things as they go. The problem here is, when someone gets Win10 essentially for 'free', to a degree they can live with it's problems and peculiarities. With hardware that they've paid an extreme amount of money for, nobody will be as tolerant. Early Surface hardware was very broken, but MS thought they could deliver firmware as they went to work around these issues. They couldn't. While later Surface devices are slightly better, they still contain alarming bugs and design issues that aren't so easy to fix, but MS keep ploughing on regardless.

    I truly think that from 2018, MS will scale back Surface. In 2019/2020 they'll can the whole product line as they move everything to the cloud. It's Nadella's baby, and he'll push it through.

  10. charms55

    Why are they still not putting a fingerprint sensor on all covers?